Kelsey Anastasia Norris and Carol Norris’s newly released “Kelsey Goes To The Special Olympics” is an empowering tale of beating the odds

“Kelsey Goes To The Special Olympics” from Christian Faith Publishing authors Kelsey Anastasia Norris and Carol Norris is a charming story that offers a motivating role model for others faced with similar challenges.

MEADVILLE, Pa., “Kelsey Goes To The Special Olympics”: a heartfelt story that discusses disabilities, adoption, bullying, and so much more. “Kelsey Goes To The Special Olympics” is the creation of published authors Carol Norris, a devoted advocate for nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and community collaboratives that serve children and families; and Kelsey Anastasia Norris, a nationally recognized advocate, community volunteer, beauty queen, author, and athlete.

Kelsey and Carol share, “The book shares what it is like to be a child and a teenager with autism. It has a strong antibullying message and stresses kindness and acceptance of people who are different than you. It is a true story about an orphan with disabilities who overcomes poverty, starvation, health issues, discrimination, and heartbreaking bullying incidents to compete in the Special Olympics. With the support of her mother, she learns that she can accomplish anything if she is willing to work hard and never give up.

“Kelsey spent her entire life wanting to swim in the Special Olympics. At first, that dream seemed impossible. She was found alone, sick, and starving in a Russian orphanage when she was eleven months old. She was a very sick child who had autism, intellectual disabilities, and Rubenstein–Taybi Syndrome (a rare genetic disorder). The doctors did not know if she would ever walk or talk. Gradually, Kelsey became healthier and stronger. She joined a swim team and became a competitive swimmer. Along the way, Kelsey encountered numerous barriers. After ten years of being denied the opportunity to participate, Kelsey finally competed in the state Special Olympics Games. It didn’t matter to her that she was the smallest kid competing and she did not know much about track and field (because she was still denied the opportunity to compete in swimming events). All that mattered to her was she finally had the opportunity to participate with the other athletes. Winning is not always about coming in first. Sometimes it is proving that you can stay in the game despite having all odds stacked against you.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Kelsey Anastasia Norris and Carol Norris’s new book is an enjoyable and inspiring message for young readers.
Kelsey and Carol share in hopes of spreading awareness about various disabilities, bullying, and having the drive needed to overcome any of life’s obstacles.
Consumers can purchase “Kelsey Goes To The Special Olympics” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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