IG Palogix, a joint venture between IG International and Palogix International to provide the rental of plastic harvesting and storage agriculture bins in the Indian fruit, vegetable, and nut market

The accord aims to improve the supply of lease-based agricultural bins in the Indian F&B sector

This collaboration will provide the rental of plastic harvesting and storage agriculture bins, helping the industry improve productivity and reduce transportation and processing costs, enhancing sustainability through the introduction of circular economy practices.

IG International, one of India’s leading fresh fruit importers, has announced its joint venture initiative with Palogix International, a world leader in providing the rental of returnable agri-bins. The new venture, IG Palogix, will cater to the growing demand for agricultural bins in the Indian market, especially in the food and beverage sector. It will be spearheaded by Mr. Ajay Jhalani, a plastics expert and the newly appointed business advisor for Palogix International.

Founded in 2004, Palogix International offers the rental of plastic bins for the agricultural production sector globally. Palogix primarily services fruit, vegetable, and nut processors, transporters, and retailers. Palogix focuses on providing plastic bulk containers and bins for harvesting and transporting fresh produce from the fields to the packaging or processing facilities, where they may be put into cold storage or processed through the facility.

Since the fresh produce industry in India currently utilizes a one-way packaging solution, IG Palogix will be providing rental of reusable plastic agricultural bins, improving quality and efficiency, and reducing processing and transportation costs whilst enhancing eco-friendly sustainability practices through the implementation of this proven circular economy practice.

Acclaimed as the leading fresh fruit importer in India, IG International is entrenched with a renowned reputation for more than 50 years in this market segment. The company’s organized and strategic sourcing system, augmented by a seamless supply chain with a well-connected overseas procurement network, enables them to import best-of-breed fruits from 22 different countries. After identifying the increase in one-way packaging in the F&B sector, the company started leasing agricultural bins.

Speaking about the joint venture, Mr. Tarun Arora, Director of Finance and Operations of IG International, said, “This venture will assist the Food & Beverage sector in meeting packaging demand while also reducing traditional packaging practices. Using agricultural bins will help cut down on the carbon footprint. With IG Palogix, we also look forward to reducing the overall cost of production and transportation in the F&B industry.”

Mr. Robert Liebesman, CEO of Palogix International, said, “We are very excited to partner with Ajay, Tarun, and their team from IG International as we see our partnership and expansion into the large and growing Indian market as a critical part of our strategy where we can continue to bring the huge benefits of plastic bin rentals to fruit, vegetable, and nut markets around the world.”

Mr. Ajay Jhalani, Business Advisor for Palogix International, said, “The mantra behind IG-Palogix India Pvt. Ltd. is to work on sustainability, 3Rs, and circular economy. Majorly, our new venture will add value to the supply chain wherever one-way packaging is used. We will alter the one-way packaging model with our agri-bins, which will then be rotated between growers, cold storage facilities, retailers, and us. We also believe that introducing agri-bins in the Indian market will promote sustainability, which is the need of the hour.”

About IG International
IG International is one of the top fresh fruit importers in India. With 50+ years of experience, we have developed an efficient supply chain for providing high-quality fresh fruits to our vendors. With a stronghold in 27 cities across the nation, we have 16 cold storage, 85 refrigerator trucks, and more than 50 varieties of products to choose from! Our supply and delivery experts make sure that you get only the freshest fruits. Our fresh produce imports include fruits like Blueberry, Apples, Dragon fruit, Cherry, Kiwi, and many more sourced from across the globe. IG International has consistently set the benchmark for trading in fresh produce internationally. While meeting the fruit demands throughout the year, we have never compromised the quality of our products. We are proud of the fact that all the products are freshly produced, carefully stored and hygienically packed, and delivered to your doorstep. With the top fresh fruit importer by your side, you will never miss your daily dose of freshness.

About Palogix International
Palogix was founded in 2004 in South Africa. Palogix is the premier rental provider of plastic bins and containers for the Fresh Produce industry Globally. Palogix focuses on providing any plastic bulk bin, container, or crate used to bring Fresh produce from the field to the packing, processing, or cold storage facilities. The inventory includes plastic bins, totes, and a large variety of specialty containers (IBCs) used for moving liquids. Palogix’s large rental pool and rapidly growing global footprint allow the flexibility to promptly and reliably service customers’ large requests with tight delivery deadlines.

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