Premium Guard Inc. Introduces Innovative New Cabin Air Freshener for Cars

Premium Guard Inc. (PGI), a pioneer and first-to-market leader in automotive aftermarket filters, is pleased to introduce PUREFLOW® Cabin Air Fresheners for Cars, an innovative new product poised to revolutionize the car air freshener marketplace. PUREFLOW’s patented cabin air freshener technology, crafted using natural and recycled ingredients with slow-release technology, ensures that scents last for over 90 days, compared to traditional fresheners that typically last only 30 days.

PUREFLOW’s patented new discreet air fresheners for cars are designed to snap directly onto a cabin air filter.
PUREFLOW’s patented new cabin air fresheners for cars are designed to snap directly onto a cabin air filter, completely out of sight of vehicle occupants. As soon as the car’s cooling or heating system is turned on, the PUREFLOW cabin air freshener diffuses a balanced and natural scent to the car’s occupants.

In addition, this new cabin air freshener includes a unique odor eliminator to ensure clean, fresh air throughout the car’s cabin. PUREFLOW Cabin Air Fresheners come in six pleasant, naturally inspired scents: Lavender, Black Rock, New Car, Fresh Linen, Tropical Peach, and Vanilla Orchid.

PUREFLOW, a trail blazing lifestyle brand in home and automotive filtration, delivers innovative technology that is redefining what clean air means inside your home, office, and car. In addition to PUREFLOW’s Cabin Air Fresheners for Cars, PUREFLOW’s comprehensive line of filtration products is carefully designed and engineered to improve airflow, while filtering 99% of airborne contaminants and bad odors. PUREFLOW home air conditioning and automotive cabin air filters feature a four-stage filtration process to deliver the highest quality breathable air.

PUREFLOW Cabin Air Fresheners for Cars are available now and sold exclusively at PUREFLOWAir.Com and at select AutoZone stores.

About Premium Guard Inc.

Premium Guard Inc. (PGI) specializes in designing, manufacturing, and distributing products for automotive, diesel, powersport, and specialty filter markets. Headquartered in New York City with a main distribution center in Memphis TN, Premium Guard Inc. is keenly focused on providing customers with industry leading service, complete filtration solutions, best-in-class-quality products, and leading application coverage

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