Century Public Adjusters Describes The Extensive Costs and Damages of Polybutylene Pipes in Florida

Polybutylene piping systems were commonly installed in homes built from the 1970s into the mid-1990s. This plastic resin was extremely popular in the sunshine state because of the affordability of the material and ease of installation.

Homeowners quickly discovered that the polybutylene pipe systems were too cheaply constructed to be suitable for water supplies. Worse, even, these pipelines suffered flaking and scales, resulting in excessive weakness after coming into contact with chlorine of the public water supply. These pipe systems suffered from spontaneous cracks and holes and quickly failed as a result of this brittleness.

The experts at Century Public Adjusters warn South FL home buyers to avoid investing in properties that still have polybutylene pipes. The lifespan of polybutylene pipes is only a maximum of 15 years. Generally, there is no warning before a polybutylene piping system fails, often resulting in excessive water damage to the residence and personal property.

South FL residents should check their current and potential homes for this cheap and dangerously costly polybutylene pipe. Pipe replacement is a necessary process to avoid excessive damages that are at an inevitably high risk of occurrence when pipe systems decide to fail.

Residents who discover polybutylene pipe will need to contact an experienced and reputable plumber for an estimate. Polybutylene pipes cannot be replaced with the same material. The entire plumbing system has to be replaced with more durable material. Modern plumbing systems utilize copper or cost-efficient PVC pipes, as well as additional adapters and fittings.

Century Public Adjusters urges home or business owners who have suffered water damage as a result of poor pipes to reach out today at (888) 585-8010.

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Century Public Adjusters is proud to provide home and business owners throughout Florida with services to recover after property damage occurs. Their team of experienced adjusters is happy to provide free inspections to examine any damages.

Common Residential and Commercial Damages Include:

Fire Mold Storm Water Sinkhole Hail

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