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The Most Expensive Trains!

These special trains guarantee one-of-a-kind journeys that will exceed all of your dreams

These special trains guarantee one-of-a-kind journeys that will exceed all of your dreams, from the immensity of Siberia or the Australian outback to the beauty of the African safari and the beautiful palaces of India. With itineraries that will take you far beyond your wildest dreams and a wonderful blend of luxury and spectacular scenery.

  1. Maharajas’ Express in India – The Maharajas’ Express, which debuted in 2010, has already been named “The World’s Leading Luxury Train” five times in a row, and it is unlikely to stop there. With 23 beautiful carriages, this fascinating train promises to revolutionize executive travel. There are 14 great guest cars with a total passenger capacity of 84, two fine dining cars, a stunning lounge car named the Rajah Club with a private bar, a dedicated bar car, and a generator and store cars. The Maharajas’ Express is the world’s most luxurious train, with costs ranging from $2,910 for a cabin ticket on tour exploring the Treasures of India to $23,700 for a trip exploring the Heritage of India in a presidential suite.
  2. Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express – Russia – Prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime journey into the immensity of Siberia. The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express will provide you with unquestionably the world’s most enjoyable train adventure, a 15-day excursion crossing two continents and seven distinct time zones! The famed Trans-Siberian railway stretches like a steel ribbon across mystical Russia, crossing the Urals and connecting the west, in Moscow, to the east, in Vladivostok. 
  3. Royal Scotsman – Scotland – To say the least, the Royal Scotsman is a stunning train. This incredible train will take you on a memorable journey through the Highlands, enabling you to visit some of Scotland’s most important monuments along the route, in unrivaled style and five-star luxury. The train is also run by Belmond, which comes as no surprise, and it consists of 10 magnificent cars: two dining cars, five state cars, one crew car, a lovely observation car, and even a stunning SPA vehicle. 
  4. Venice Simplon Orient Express – Europe – This exclusive luxury train, with timeless beauty, travels typically from London to Venice, although it also connects other of Europe’s most important locations on occasion. The traditional London-Venice route is operated once or twice a week, with stops in Paris, Zurich, Innsbruck, and Verona. Still, the Venice Simplon Orient Express will also travel to Istanbul via Budapest and Bucharest or to Rome, Berlin, Stockholm, or Copenhagen a few times a year. 

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