Here is how Tynimo, a Bengaluru-based start-up, is revolutionizing the lifestyle retail market.

Prittle Prattle’s interview with Tynimo,A Bengaluru-based lifestyle retail brand Offers

Mr. Vaibhav Jain, please elaborate on your journey as the Founder of Tynimo
 Regular business and leisure trips to Southeast Asian countries led to
a fascination for starting a business in the retail sector. Quite simply
put, the idea was to bring a revolution in the retail industry and to
start a lifestyle brand that sells high quality, appealing products at
affordable prices.
 Thus 2019 marked the genesis of Tynimo as a differentiated concept,
promising a refreshing experience with innovative and trendy

Tell us about Tynimo’s strategies for expansion and growth.
 We aim for 400 stores which shall be a mix of Company and Franchise
owned by 2027.
 We will be launching our exclusive e-com portal by July 1 st week and
aim to make it omni-channel by Dec 2022.
 Our new concept, Tynimo on Wheels is under pilot and very soon we
shall roll out its model and we aim to take it to fleet of 100 by 2025.

What is the specialty of Tynimo, and what do you do to engage people?
 USP – Pricing, differentiated-quirky designs, Indian artefacts
 First fast fashion lifestyle brand, to give an identity to India’s art and
culture by introducing them on a global platform.
 Innovation across various platforms – products, people,
process, customer engagement, and customer conversion.
 Customer Engagement: Store on wheels – A first of its kind in retail
where an entire store has been built within a 17ft truck and
successfully operating currently. The store provides the best customer
experience satisfaction & experience from the comfort of their

What is your take after promoting Tynimo in the international market?
 In an international market, as of now we are at a very nascent stage.
We have 1 Franchise store in Bhutan which in terms of market size is
quite small but lucrative enough.
 Even though neighbouring India closely, Bhutan, shopping culture is
completely different from that of India. In such situation, it is very
important to have local knowledge and here is where franchise
partner helps us.
 Since they are local, they provide us with valuable inputs on products,
customer feedback and experience which helps us in creating
personalised assortment for that country.

What steps do you take to acquire growth on your e-commerce site and market trust?
 In terms of e-commerce, we have not gone live with our own portal yet. Our
current presence is only on Amazon.
 On either of the channel, building trust is very important. We focus on it
 Regular team and customer reviews
 Ensuring always only QC products reaches customers
 Having a flexible returns and exchange policy to promote trial
 Creating personalised shopping experiences for every customer at
store level.

What challenges have you experienced as a lifestyle brand since the Pandemic? Please
share your views on it.

  • Challenges:
  1. Right products at right prices
  2. Quality vendors to set up the stores
  3. Brand awareness leading to low negotiation power with
    any stakeholder
  • We were very much impacted by covid outbreak due to continued
    lockdowns, drop in shopping sentiments due to limited income and too
    many restrictions
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