Plants may be used in five different ways to decorate your house

Houseplants have several advantages, including increased oxygen production through photosynthesis, stress reduction, and increased productivity if placed on your desk or at your home office. To summarise, there is no more straightforward method to improve the look of your home than with a traditional touch of greenery. Choosing the proper indoor plant is just as crucial as any other aspect of your home’s interior design. And because there are so many additional types of plants, the placement, degree of illumination in the area, level of upkeep, and size are all crucial factors to consider when selecting the ideal plant for your space.


If you want to include the outdoors in your interior design, you may have a climber plant climb on the stairwell wall or even a bookcase. Climbers may take their time developing, but the wait is well worth it once the results are seen. Devil’s ivy, often known as the money plant or golden pothos in India, is highly recommended. Heart-shaped leaves distinguish this evergreen climber vine with yellow or white speckles. It is a low-maintenance, fast-growing plant.


Plants may be used to divide various parts of your home, provide privacy screens, or offer a wow element or focal effectiveness to a considerable space. Try the bushy fiddle-leaf fig in a corner, alongside your sofa, near a favorite recliner, or in front of a picture window. This anchors a considerable area and provides a focal point for your space. Make sure the plants are in proportion to the size of the room. They should not be taller than 2.5- 3 feet in small places.


Smaller plants, such as succulents, make excellent accents on your shelves. Placing them on mantles, bookshelves, and frames is easy to infuse new life into your area. You may also use succulents to embellish a desk, dining table, or center table, or even use colorful planters or pots with a metallic finish to create a cluster in the corner of your working desk. If you have a fast-paced lifestyle or aren’t home too frequently, a succulent is often your best choice.

Not all plants require a lot of light and maintenance. Choose plants with plenty of leaves rather than blooms, and if in doubt, stick to ferns like Money plants, snake plants, and aloe vera are excellent bathroom plants.
Trailing plants are pretty famous and straightforward to care for. Load a shelf with plants like the spider plant, chain cactus, or ivy, or use wall planters or plant stands of varying weights if you can’t swing anything from the roof. Instead, vast and durable tension rods can support a substantial amount of weight from larger plants and may be used around your home to move your greenery off countertops, tabletops, and window sills.

The authored article is written by Sejal Wakkar and shared with  Prittle Prattle News exclusively.

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