Niine expresses a new statement on #LetsTalkPeriods this International Women’s Day

Niine hopes to build on the conversation around periods 

Bengaluru, 9th March 2023 : As the world gears up to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March, Niine, a homegrown brand in the menstrual hygiene sector, has a new message under its #LetsTalkPeriods campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness about menstrual hygiene and break the stigma around menstruation.

Despite menstruation being a natural biological process, it continues to be associated with many misconceptions across cultures and communities in India. Niine’s campaign aims to change this by encouraging open conversations about periods and spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene. A study by NGO Dasra called Spot On! foundthat 70 per cent of mothers with menstruating daughters considered menstruation as dirty and 71 per cent of adolescent girls remained unaware of menstruation till menarche. 

As part of the campaign, Niine is releasing a digital video featuring Femina Miss India 2023 contestants sharing their first-period experiences and the misconceptions they heard about menstruation during their childhood. By sharing these stories, Niine hopes to build on the conversation around periods and in the process make people aware that only by talking about periods openly can society remove the misconceptions which surround them.  

Niine has also developed a certified biodegradable sanitary napkin after five years of research and collaboration with international agencies and scientists. They have achieved this at an affordable price point for mass production, setting them apart from other players in the market who have not been able to do this at scale. Niine’s eco-friendly options aim to transform the sanitary napkin industry, making them one of the first movers in this space. 

“As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it is important to remember that misconceptions around menstrual hygiene are not just a women’s issue, but the responsibility of society as well. By breaking these misconceptions about menstruation and promoting the use of eco-friendly menstrual hygiene products, we can create a more inclusive and sustainable future. This Women’s Day, let’s break the misbelieves surrounding periods by making people more aware of them. Niine’s #LetsTalkPeriods – awareness campaign has been at the forefront of a larger movement towards menstrual equity and education for all and we will continue to do our bit to educate the society around this very important woman’s health topic.”, said Ameya Dangi, CEO, Niine, elaborating on the #LetsTalkPeriods – awareness campaign.

This article was shared with Prittle Prattle News as a press release.

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