Mumbai in 72 Hours What You Must not Miss!

Mumbai visit if your stay is only a few days.

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is an enthralling location

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is an enthralling location. Of the glitz and beauty of Bollywood via the ancient Memba Devi Temple, this metropolitan city holds a portion to contribute – so much that it may be challenging to pick what to visit if your stay is only a few days.

Mumbai has a long history, having been founded in 1507. Choose one or two historical places to visit – even if you only spend an hour or two explorings, you’ll get a sense of the city’s history and discover how it has evolved into the metropolis that today’s residents and visitors adore. Consider the following top Mumbai historic sites:

The Gateway to India is a must-see landmark that was built in 1911. It is located near the Port of Mumbai, where boats to other sites are available.

Kanheri Caverns — Located on the outskirts of the city and bordered by the lush Sanjay Gandhi National Park, this attraction offers a magnificent basalt outcropping punctuated with 109 caves and impressive rock-cut structures dating back to the first century BCE.

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is a railway station in Mumbai, India.

ISKCON Temple – A wonderful Hare Krishna temple that is magnificent inside and out, the location welcomes guests of all types, offering a glimpse into a unique lifestyle as well as delicious vegetarian Indian food at an on-site restaurant.

Victoria & Albert Museum – The Victoria & Albert Museum, Mumbai’s oldest museum, was constructed in 1872. Visit for both the architecture and the exhibits!

While exploring Mumbai, stop for a few minutes at internet cafes, especially if you find yourself in the Bandra neighborhood. Refreshments are excellent here, and you’ll be able to complete chores such as phoning home using Viber Out, clearing up space on your phone or tablet by transferring photographs to the cloud for storage, and more.

 Even from the outside, this train station provides a fascinating glimpse into India’s colonial era.

The Kala Ghoda Art Precinct, which has art galleries, cultural venues, and museums, is a vibrant area ideal for a walking tour. A large fountain and several buildings provide a glimpse into the city’s architectural heritage. At the same time, the Kala Ghoda Pavement Gallery offers a platform for young artists to show and sell their work. Professional painters’ works may be seen in adjacent galleries such as the Jehangir Art Gallery and the Museum Gallery. Rampart Row has shops and restaurants, and there are other cafes and pubs throughout Kala Ghoda. Take photos, eat ethnic food, and consider sponsoring an emerging artist!

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