Monsoon hair care: hair styling tool to maintain lustrous hair

Monsoons provide a welcome break from the sweltering summer heat, with their light showers and gloomy sky. Taking care of your hair, on the other hand, becomes significantly more difficult during the rainy season. Our hair is delicate, and it, like our skin, needs extra attention as the seasons change. Monsoons can be extremely damaging to your hair if we use hair stylers at extreme levels. It becomes sticky, frizzy, and tangled, which is a formula for hair loss. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy the season without worrying about hair loss if you use these natural methods to keep your hair from coming out.

While you’re already battling with hair loss, you’ll also have to deal with greasy dandruff.
Here are some of the best monsoon hair care tools to keep your hair healthy and nourished this monsoon.

Selecting the Appropriate Comb
Choosing the appropriate comb, while seemingly small, is a vital component of monsoon hair care. Using a fine-tooth comb or a hair brush with more teeth may trigger more hair fall by increasing the likelihood of your hair breaking. After you’ve washed your hair, use a wide-toothed comb to untangle it. Furthermore, avoid combing your hair right after you’ve washed it.

Combing is a vital element of everyone’s hair care routine, in addition to oiling, shampooing, and conditioning. Hair hygiene and breakage are both prevented by combing your hair properly. Hair combing also helps to avoid the production of knots and detangling of the hair, giving it a sleek appearance. As a result, it’s critical to choose your hair comb carefully.

When it comes to brushing hair, the hair comb you use is really important. Hair loss, knots, and breakage can all be caused by using the wrong comb. Choosing the right hair comb is critical to maintaining your hair’s health at all times. Read on to learn about the advantages of using a wide-tooth hair comb and why you should start using one.

What is a Wide-Tooth hair comb?
A wide-tooth comb is one with a lot of space between the teeth. Most people confuse a wide-tooth hair comb for one with wide teeth; however, although some wide tooth hair combs have teeth that are larger in size separate from a large spacing, this is not referred to as a wide-tooth hair comb. This hair comb can be used on wet or dry hair and is ideal for all hair types.
The Advantages of Using a Detangling/Wide Tooth hair Comb on Your Hair During Monsoon:

  1. It’s less difficult to untangle
    Never use a regular hair comb on tangled hair since the spacing between the teeth is so narrow that you’ll end up crying out of frustration. Knots in your hair are readily detangled using a wide-tooth hair comb. It is especially beneficial for persons with long, wavy hair.
  2. Hair Fall is Reduced
    When using a regular comb to remove knots and detangle hair, a lot of hair is lost. A wide-tooth hair comb, on the other hand, can help you detangle your hair more effectively without causing you to lose a lot of hair. Another important hair tip to keep in mind when detangling your hair is to use the hair comb on dry hair only. Hair damage, breakage, and hair fall are all caused by combing wet hair. You can also apply a hair serum or oil to make the detangling process go faster.
  3. Hair Breakage is Prevented
    It is simpler to untangle hair without causing hair breaking since the spacing between the teeth are bigger and the diameter is larger. When opposed to a fine-tooth comb, a wide-tooth comb provides less friction. This feature makes the wide-tooth comb gentler on the hair and helps to minimize breaking.
  4. Apply gently to the scalp
    When compared to a regular hair comb, a wide-tooth comb feels great on the scalp. A wide-tooth hair comb massages and soothes your scalp rather than scratching it. A wide-tooth comb soothes the scalp while also improving blood circulation. A wide-tooth comb is also the finest option for those who suffer from a flaky scalp.
    If you’re going to use it as an after-shampoo moisturizing agent, make sure you apply it evenly using a wide-tooth comb and don’t use any additional style products on top of it.
    Light, strong and static-free, now get the Carbon comb from Ikonic that is built of carbon and ideal for use on thick hair. The sleek carbon material goes through hair without snagging, tugging or pulling. It has two teeth sizes – fine and bristly – for combing all different kinds of hair.
    Other important tips:
    Learn how to blow dry your hair at home
    If your hair isn’t naturally straight, giving in to nature can be the best option, but that doesn’t mean we have to look like a shipwrecked mess. The monsoon usually has the final say, no matter how pricey your hair straightener was. Choose soft, blown-dry waves that are better suited to rain. Mould the hair into wonderful soft shapes with pure bristle hair brushes. Create a cascade of curls with head-hug hair brushes for added volume.
    Apart from hair combs, Ikonic presents hair straightener brushes that give hair a professional-level sleekness. The hair straightener combs of Ikonic detangles nicely, which helps minimize over-styling. Ikonic also owns high-quality salon combs with an extensive range of variety. The Salon Combs are available in different shapes and color combinations. Simplify so many steps with a professional hair styling comb designed for detangling, teasing, weaving, lifting, and of course, basic combing.

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