Meeta Nagpal: Weaving Art, Empathy, and Advocacy into a Harmonious Journey

An Exclusive Interview with Meeta Nagpal, Founder and President of TAF – The Artiste Foundation

In a world where versatility often takes center stage, Meeta Nagpal shines as a beacon of diverse talents, entrepreneurial acumen, and unwavering commitment to social causes. Her journey is a captivating tale of a passionate artist, a visionary entrepreneur, a compassionate social worker, and a mentor to countless rising talents. Since her early days, Meeta’s life has been an intricate dance of creativity and dedication, as she gracefully balanced her love for performing arts, her academic pursuits, and her family life. Her journey later evolved into a remarkable entrepreneurial venture, nurturing new talents and creating a safe haven for artistic growth. She’s the Founder and President of TAF – The Artiste Foundation, a dynamic force for positive change in the world of art and beyond. Meeta’s multifaceted achievements extend to her roles as a Rotarian, a published author and poet, and her enduring commitment to organizations like Snehi. The essence of her journey lies in weaving art, empathy, and advocacy into a harmonious narrative. In an exclusive interview, Meeta Nagpal shares her story of art, creativity, and the transformative power of giving back.

Q. Meeta Nagpal has an impressive and diverse background. Could you provide us with more insights into her journey as an entrepreneur and social worker, and how she has managed to excel in multiple fields?

Since childhood, Meeta Nagpal has been inclined towards performing arts and started learning Kathak at the age of 3. Throughout her childhood days, she performed in various stage plays, and TV documentaries and gave dance performances on TV as well as internationally. As she was academically inclined, and is a DU topper, she gave a break in her performing arts. The gap became longer as she got settled into her family life. Then she restarted in the field of performing arts as an entrepreneur by creating a safe space for teaching as well as grooming and mentoring new talent. Wherever artists needed to be supported she went all out and thus her foundation took shape. She has been able to achieve this as not only is she extremely passionate and dedicated to her work but she also has an extremely supportive family and team who encourage her and stand by her through thick and thin.

Q. Musical Dreams, her 18-year venture, has an intriguing “garage to globe” story. Could you share more about the journey of Musical Dreams and its role in identifying and promoting talented artistes?

Musical Dreams began from Meeta Nagpal’s living room. But as its popularity increased, she took it to professional space. Within 8 years of Musical Dreams, she was able to manage her first 10-city tour of young artists (known as the Lil Champs tour) to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Today her artists have performed across the globe and even international singers and dancers have come and collaborated with Musical Dreams. Because of its open-door policy plenty of talented singers and dancers reached out. They were guided by experts and through workshops and training. They were emotionally motivated and guided. Musical Dreams also provided them with a stage to perform through which they were presented to the entertainment industry.

Q. Meeta Nagpal is the Founder and President of TAF – The Artiste Foundation. What is the main mission and objectives of this foundation? How does it contribute to nurturing and supporting artists and creators?

The main mission of the Foundation is to promote new talent and to get them together for supporting each other, as well as for bringing awareness and happiness by creating thought-provoking pieces. It aims to do various fundraising events not just for artistic causes but also for the underprivileged sections of society. As TAF The Artiste Foundation is a progressive and sensitive organization, multiple artists can open up with concerns and constraints. An aware, communicative and sensitized environment helps in the growth and nurturing of artists.

Q.Can you tell us more about Meeta’s involvement with Snehi, an organization for psychological support and mental healthcare, and her role as an active Rotarian? How does she balance these roles with her other commitments?

Snehi is an organization that promotes mental health and mental health awareness. I have been associated with Snehi for the last 15 years as a board member. After undertaking counseling training, I have been an active part of their helpline by giving online counseling to many. As a Rotarian, I have been attached to all the projects of my club. Be it the charitable dispensary or e-tablet distribution to the underprivileged. I manage all my commitments as I have a very supportive family and team.

Q. Meeta Nagpal is also a published author and poet, a Kathak dancer, and a mentor to young artistes. Could you highlight some of her notable achievements and contributions in these areas?

I started learning dance and theater at a very young age and performed in plays as well as gave kathak performances on TV, stage and internationally. Gradually, I could not perform actively on stage so I took to writing and have written quite a few musicals. One of my favorite creations is the Magic Man which was staged twice in Kamani Auditorium. It was based on eye pledging and encouraged many to follow this path of eye pledging. As it was very well received, I wrote my first book on the musical Magic Man for pre-teens. One of my biggest achievements is that through this play and blood, I have been able to motivate more than 200 people towards organ and eye donation and have created awareness about a sensitive topic like this in a friendly way amongst children. As a mentor, I have stood by many young artistes in their initial struggle days and today I feel proud that some of them are known names in the industry and have been a part of various reality shows.

Q. The article mentions Meeta Nagpal’s co-direction of the musical ‘Magic Man’ and various initiatives like Friday Funkaar and Happy Concerts. Can you provide insights into these projects and their significance?
Magic Man – I have written, conceptualized and co-directed this musical twice. It is based on eye pledging and it brought about the topic in a very beautiful way by highlighting the magic of giving. Through this, I have been able to create awareness as well as motivate people towards eye pledging and organ donation.
Friday Funkaar– A simple initiative where artistes of all genres come and perform. It is a non-judgmental platform and provides an opportunity for people to collaborate and learn from each other in a healthy, inclusive and safe environment.
Happy Concert– One of our favorite initiatives where artists associated with us perform for underprivileged schools and share simple laughs, music and joy with them. It may seem small but it creates a lasting happiness quotient with the children.
Q. TAF – The Artiste Foundation, a non-profit organization, plays a crucial role in supporting artists and creators. What are some of the key activities and programs initiated by TAF, and how does it aim to create a positive impact on society?
TAF – The Artiste Foundation aims to create a strong artiste fraternity which can work together for themselves and for the society, by creating awareness and raising funds for causes. Currently, they are working on their initiatives – Friday Funkaar and Happiness Concerts and providing rehearsal space to artistes for creation. Their next step for which work has already begun are talks by senior artistes and curation of small events to bring together different art forms. 
It aims to create a positive impact by creating awareness and improving the bond in the artiste fraternity. For artistes it is working towards capacity building by imparting knowledge and creating a safe and nonjudgmental place for them to grow.
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