Ideebs London Bridal & Party Wear, the expressions of brides’ joy and happiness

The wedding couture fashion designer label ‘Ideebs London’ is owned by Aaliya Deeba. She holds degrees from Central Saint Martins in London and the National Institute of Fashion Technology in India. Her creativity derives from returning to the greatest traditional handcrafting skills and combining them with her design and colour ideas. Garments are manufactured to perfection using western pattern making processes. Each of her wedding, semi-bridal, and casual gowns has a specific style that she favours.

Aaliya Deeba, please elaborate on your journey as the Founder of Ideebs London.
Aaliya Deeba, founder of Ideebs London, a Couture Label
It has been a truly inspirational journey as a founder and creative designer of Ideebs London. When I moved to India from London leaving behind my settled life, I knew it’s going to be challenging to start my own new label. It’s the level of effort and learning I had to go through has been truly transformative. As creative designer I get involved in all the activities of the firm to make sure our garments are truly a royalty. The journey has been both challenging and empowering.

Tell us about Ideebs London’s strategies for expansion and growth. What were some of the difficulties you encountered when you initially started?
We have clearly established ourselves as the best bespoke couture brand in Hyderabad specialising in making made to measure luxury garments for the wedding wear. We are already working to expand our garments line from the wedding wear in to ready and pret collection. Our future growth strategy is to expand Ideebs into lifestyle brand and able to present Indian art on the world stage as a luxury brand.

We have built this firm from the scratch. It has been a very challenging and rewarding journey for the whole team. During initial period I had to wage battle on two fronts, first on the creativity side I was reviving artisan techniques that required me to train artists on the aspect of building truly magnificent garment with the required quality of finish. On the other side I was challenging the orthodoxy of the market where brides use to wear same old-style garments for the weddings. I am glad and happy that today many of our initial designs have become dominant models for the wedding dresses. I think it’s now time for me wage next orthodoxy battle on my own designs.

What is the specialty of Ideebs London, and what do you do to engage your customers?
Our garments are the expressions of our brides’ joy and happiness. For us the most important thing is to be able to capture their dreams and able to weave that magic into our garment designs. It’s truly the grandeur art we use in our garment making that expresses itself without even need to say a word. We weave the love and magic our brides envisage on their most joyous moment of the life.

Is the off-white bridal gown the current trend? Please share your views on it.
We have seen some demand for the off-white in this season. Our suggestion is always that as a bride you should think about your wedding dress taking into consideration overall context to make sure it goes with groom dress, wedding destination, season of the year, and2 / 2the wedding theme. If you are not in mood change the colour of dress, then change everything else to suit your dress!

What are Ideebs London’s offerings?
We have Bridal & Party wear ready to wear collection. Our specialised wedding service is customised bespoke garments for the groom and bride with all accessories.

What is your take on promoting Ideebs London in the international market?
We have our existing client base in US, UK & Middle East countries. Most of them have reached us through word of mouth but some has come through digital media as well. We do not even have to do promotion as our brand loyal customers are the main promoters.Our initial consultation is all about capturing the bride and grooms’ vision or dreams. We have experienced team that provide tailored recommendations with in-house ability to construct customise bespoke garments for their special day. We recommend our customers to engage with us at least 3 months prior to the wedding.

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