Sleep up to keep up! How sleep cycles mould our mental sharpness

When, how and what you sleep on forms the crux of your daily life

The devil lies in the details, the wise ones say, and they aren’t wrong! What we fail to notice usually turns out to be our Achilles’ heel, case in point, our “sleep pattern”. In the modern world, we just doze off at our schedule’s convenience sans any regard for structure and discipline, and this “avoid sleep” culture is turning into quite the epidemic!

A late night Netflix session more often than not trumps a millennial’s desire for beauty sleep. Splurging for the latest outfit is usually more important than investing in good sleep accessories. While there are obviously days when a fulfilling snooze is not in our hands, it is important to make up for them by prioritising sleep whenever we can.

Most studies suggest that there is a direct correlation between the kind of sleep we receive and the precision of focus with which we operate. Lack of sleep can directly affect many of our cognitive abilities. But, in this fast moving “non-stop” world, how do we improve our quality of sleep?

Like every great change, this too begins with a first step! It could be as simple as earmarking a good night’s sleep into our daily reminders, or buying new and improved bed sheets. Speaking of sheets, a bed linen brand that blends class leading quality with industry leading design, Boutique Living can be your guide to the world of peaceful and wholesome sleep.

Well renowned for crafting bed sheets that boast of an exemplary thread count and premium grade materials, if the customer reviews are anything to go by, they really do enhance the overall sleeping experience.

Offering a wide gamut of choices, may it be the “Stripe Tease” line up that exhibits a rare blend of funky elements and sublime appeal, the “Signature” collection that exudes pure warmth or the “Untamed” range that is wild, vivid and vivacious, every product from the house of Boutique Living promises a robust build, unique design and unforgettable sleep.
There’s always a new day to look forward to, and if we want our new days to be positive, perky and productive, it’s time to up our game once and forever, our “sleep game”, that is.

The authored article is written by Rajiv Merchant and shared with  Prittle Prattle News .

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