How CDK Global India fueled Satish Pillala’s passion for dance

When I was in 3rd standard one fine evening my mom with some of her friends were all enjoying a gathering after a long time and watching a famous song in the TV. A sudden push by my mom got me in front of everyone. I was in the spotlight, everyone clapping, cheering and I don’t know what to do but I started dancing looking at the hero on screen and matching my movements exactly same with him with no prior practice. Right then, I was having a lot of fun dancing and mimicking my expressions like the hero dancing. The crowd cheering me added a lot more to my new found love.

After my dance performance everyone started congratulating me and my mom. Mom was surprised to see me dancing like that and I still remember her emotions on that day, she was very happy and enjoyed a lot watching me dancing.

So, that was the day for me also to realize that there is a hidden dancer inside me and I felt very much happy enjoying each and every moment catching every music bit of the song while dancing.

Guess what? From then my mom kept me in the limelight in every small and big events and parties. So slowly all my relatives started encouraging me 🙂

The moment of encouragement and fun fueled my passion for dance to this day.

Hello everyone, this is Satish Pillala, a pakka hyderabadi from the core.

I’ve been working with CDK Global for 7 years now started as a technical associate to Software Engineer and worked with great leaders in all my areas. I am happily married with love of my life and I’m much more ‘me’ when I am with her. We have a baby boy of 13 months who is already trying to catch up to his father’s steps 😉

Hobbies – Dance, playing and watching cricket. I like to drive, like to travel a lot, and I don’t like being alone, so I never felt boring till date.
I like listening to music. Actually being a dancer do I need to say that I like music ? One cannot do a dance moment unless they enjoy music because that is where feel comes from but I am only good at dance not in singing and playing any instrument 🙂
I am not a trained dancer, but I started a dance school with my friends when I was graduating which is not running currently for some reasons. But my passion towards dance is always running and runs high for ever.
I also do choreography and I must talk about the great flash mob that I did choreography when Dealer Services had transition from ADP to evolve as CDK Global. You can watch it here “CDK Global Flashmob”
So to all who are interested to dance along with us in CDK we say “Hold my hand I will teach you to dance”.

The authored article is written by Satish and shared with Prittle Prattle News exclusively.

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