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As superficial as it may appear, the value of the appropriate clothing in making that all-important first impression cannot be overstated.

Consider Steve Jobs’ irreverent jeans and turtleneck in a room full of crisp suits or Arianna Grande’s characteristic high ponytail – each has come to play an essential role in shaping their wearers’ visual identities.

But, to properly grasp how far an article of well-curated clothing can go you in business, consider Anna Delvey (Sorkin), who created a ‘rich girl’ style to trick investors into believing she was a German heiress but also to invest millions in her empty promises. Sorkin was so obsessed with fashion that she refused to appear in court for her trial unless she was given appropriate attire.

“As a domain of our survival intuition, our brains are programmed to make rapid visual clues.” As a result, we continue to form opinions based on visual signals. Previously, these views were more concerned with safety or threat (following the survival of the fittest’s motto). According to Amy Cuddy’s book Presence, initial impressions tell me two things in today’s environment: Do I like the person? Is it worthwhile to devote my limited time to develop a relationship with the person?” She says that in the instance of Sorkin, her style stood out because she paid attention to details, had an exceptional taste that wasn’t only confined to fashion, and preferred an understated look. Despite her youth, her style was conservative and subtle, allowing her to be considered seriously in business settings.

Thampi and image consultant advise paying attention to the following while dressing for high-impact events, such as an important meeting or interview, or simply a networking event where you want to stand out:
• Roll up your jacket sleeves.
• Wear a V-neck shirt beneath your jacket.
• Replace your pants with a high-waisted skirt to show some flesh.
While still formal, your attire will seem comfortable and confident.
Make a distinctive element to define your presence. Sorkin, for example, wore a necklace and Celine sunglasses.

The authored article is written by Sejal Wakkar and shared with  Prittle Prattle News exclusively.

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