Gen Z Fashion Forward: Unveiling India’s Stylish Innerwear Revolution

An authored article by Mr Dipesh Kubadia, Founder, Sonari Lingerie

Generation Z, popularly known as Gen Z, is increasingly becoming a decision maker and a major player in determining how markets function. Brands too are constantly evolving to accommodate their demands and keep delivering. While minimalism is their mantra, they have a trendy outlook with a desire for that little extra in everything.

The innerwear market too has evolved significantly to meet the needs of the newer generation. The categories that first ruled the market are now passé and newer technologies are being introduced to cater to their style and class. Keeping the Gen Z trends in mind and their vision for a perfect look, it is important to note that several factors influence their choices. 

Understanding the shift in preferences

The newer generation is definitely driving a shift and influencing the market. Society has evolved multifold with the introduction and extensive exposure to social media. Gen Z is more predisposed to such concepts as positive vibes and empowerment. The notion of body positivity and the celebration of the idea of femininity has further evolved how women are perceived.

Social media has further fuelled hashtags and campaigns promoting the idea of inclusivity and sustainability. This ‘woke’ generation is driving the market, and this is just the beginning.

With actors flaunting their inner wear in international events and inner wear now becoming a style statement, Gen Z is not afraid to accept what they have and show it off with élan. Acceptance, confidence, style and comfort are what they stand for.

What’s the shift all about?

Gen Z has a fast-forward way of living. Having a mind of their own, they are more aware and make better informed decisions. According to a recently conducted Isobar-Ipsos survey, ‘69% of Gen Z prefer brands that collaborate with local artisans and 68% want to be associated with brands that support social causes’.

Since they are socially active and wear many hats, they are basically multitaskers. They have their feet in many places, all at once. One day they are active, and a sports bra is their go-to choice; the other day, they sleep over at a friend’s place and run towards a T-shirt bra. They are elegant and ever-ready for a night out. For a dash of sexy, they move towards the ultimate boost-up bras to further elevate their look.

With body positivity and inclusivity being at the top in their dictionary, they leave no stone unturned when they blast social media with messages and posts. They do not shy away from accepting their femininity, nor do they feel the need to hide anything.

Whatever the mood and occasion, they have an answer for everything. They understand their body needs and opt for the best fabric that’s not just comfortable but also spells style.

A Blend of Functionality and Fashion
When choosing the right innerwear, they look for a fashionable design, comfortable fit and trendy styles. Sustainable fashion has emerged to be an area of interest for them, and even while purchasing inner wear, they see how much the brand is contributing back to society and are conscientious about the environment.
The other big factor that steers their choices is that they are accepted and appreciated by the gram and the social media community. Can they wear just the brassiere as a top? Can they pull off that look the supermodel did? A lot is going on with Gen Z, but they are clear about their needs. They know their preferences, and they own them.
Summing Up
According to an EY assessment of World Bank Population Projections and Appraisals data for 2020, the evolution of Gen Z bra trends will shape the next ten years. With 1.8 billion people, Gen Z accounts for roughly one-fourth of the global population. This 375 million-strong segment in India accounts for 27% of the total population.
The numbers tell us why we should keep an eye on what Gen Z is doing and engaging with. The market is at their disposal, and they are truly driving it.
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