Art Houz exhibition in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, Art Houz, one of India’s leading galleries based in Chennai and Bengaluru and Arts Illustrated, a pan-India magazine dedicated to the different facets of contemporary art are hosting their first-ever travel show cum exhibition, curated by Ms. Poornima Shivram.

In the past year, the publication has been working on a collectors edition called AI 100, a coffee table book containing a collection of a hundred artists across India including Vijay Pichumani and Dhan Prasad. The book was recently launched in Chennai and made its way to Hyderabad at the State Gallery of Art in Jubilee Hills from the 1st to 9th of April.

The book, AI 100 is an attempt to record the dialogue that the artist has with his/her canvas. It is a visual chronicle of contemporary art that explores the artists’ curiosity to express and preserve their culture, identity and connection to the land and their community. In consonance with the vision of Arts Illustrated, AI 100 delves deep into the narrative of visual art, offering a global and contemporary perspective. Taking on the topical and dynamic ideas currently shaping the cultural landscape, it presents a carefully curated collection that makes for an exciting visual treat.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the chief guest, Mr. Udit Dugar along with the CMD of Art Houz, Mr Vincent Adaikalraj.

“It is incredible to see Vincent promote art and enable all of us to be in a space to experience art physically, especially post the pandemic. AI 100 is an excellent initiative to give artists from different cities across the country a platform to present their work. It’s the first time that this is happening in Hyderabad. We are grateful to be a part of this and to be a part of Vincent’s endeavour to explore the pursuit of art” said Mr Udit Dugar.
“I’m honored to have the opportunity to showcase the talent of upcoming artists, especially from the South. Hyderabad is just the second destination on our travel show and we’re looking forward to the upcoming shows around the country. ” said Mr. Adaikalraj.

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