Australia’s aquariums and marine parks

Australia's aquariums diving in for a swim with the locals.

Australia’s aquariums has several world-class aquariums and marine parks where visitors may get a glimpse of the spectacular underground teeming with gorgeous species and hidden oddities.

The Australia’s aquariums is the native home of the Great Barrier Reef’s rainbow-colored wonders, as well as the meeting spots of the Cold Southern Seas and mild temperate oceans—and all the living oddities in between.

Visit the finest Australian aquariums and protected marine parks mentioned below from learning more about the magnificent marine life of the southern hemisphere. 

Aquarium of Western Australia, Perth – The Aquarium of Western Australia is the country’s most giant fishbowl container, placed on the shores of the Indian Ocean in Perth, a contrasting metropolis of outback adventure and art scenes.

It is ranked among the most delicate marine displays in the world. AQWA is home to one of the most comprehensive coral displays in the world, where you can enjoy an underwater adventure via a 100-meter-long tunnel, swim with friendly fish, or snorkel around the magnificent reefs.

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium: Sea Life is one of the world’s most extensive aquatic life displays centered around the spectacular beauty of the Great Barrier Reef.

This marine park is home to over 700 species that live in 14 themed habitats, including local penguins, Shark Valley, the Jurassic Sea and Northern Oceans, and South Sea Shipwrecks. Turn your animal excursion into cultural tourism at the nearby history centers, which are just a few feet away. 

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium – Sea Life in Melbourne has a four-level display via rainforest coral caverns and crocodile lair, mangroves, shipwrecks, and more to see by self-guided tours and walking tunnels or diving in for a swim with the locals.

This aquarium is located on the Yarra River banks, near Melbourne’s metropolitan districts, and is surrounded by high-end retail malls and excellent dining establishments. 

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