American Standard Advocates For Continued Hygiene Vigilance With Hygieneclean(TM)

NEW DELHI, India, Feb. 22, 2022 — LIXIL, the maker of pioneering water and housing products, continues to advocate for the need for hygiene vigilance. Through its American Standard™ products, one of LIXIL’s portfolio global brands, and its complete bathroom solution, the HygieneClean™ System, it is looking to remind consumers to practice good personal hygiene as part of continued all-round hygiene protection.

With its new HygieneClean campaign launched for 2022 and the tagline “Protect What Matter’s Most, Start with HygieneClean”, it looks to provide consumers with a start point for protection in the bathroom where bacteria such as E. coli are known to propagate, and which requires regular cleaning. To help consumers with this, the HygieneClean™ System offers consumers powerful flushing and rimless technologies, innovative antibacterial technology, and an award-winning anti-stain technology to ensure ultimate hygiene protection.

Satoshi Konagai, Leader, LIXIL Water Technology, Asia Pacific, highlighted, “We are committed to delivering pioneering products that will provide continuous protection for families as they spend more time at home in this new normal. The American Standard HygieneClean™ System ensures a safer and cleaner bathroom environment while also saving consumers time and resources when it comes to regular cleaning and maintenance. By placing hygiene and safety at the heart of our technological innovations, we hope to introduce this new standard of safety in the bathroom.”

Innovation’s Role in Hygiene

Design elements can also be used in tandem with other innovations to create solutions that reduce water usage without compromising hygiene needs. The toilets in the American Standard collections are also equipped with SiphonMax™ Flushing System to remove both heavy and light waste with minimum effort or Double Vortex™ Flushing System for maximum flushing performance with minimum water usage.

In addition to this, such innovations and designs also provide other benefits such as time savings from not having to clean as often, without having to worry about the implications on hygiene for consumers.

The Acacia SupaSleek™ toilets feature the PowerRim™ technology – a rimless water channel design engineered for a powerful clean performance. The Acacia SupaSleek™ Collection toilets also feature thin and sleek lines to make cleaning even easier. And when it comes to tough stains, the award-winning Aqua Ceramic™ harnesses the power of water to penetrate between contaminants and the toilet surface, ensuring that waste is lifted off easily with every flush.

A Safer Bathroom Environment

Unfortunate incidents such as accidental burns and scalding can arise with the use of ordinary shower mixers.

With the EasySET™ 3-Way Exposed Auto Temperature Shower Mixer, the ThermoComfort™ feature allows users to shower at a constant and comfortable temperature even when cold water is used elsewhere in the house. With a safety feature like ThermoSafe™, there is no risk of hot water burns as it has a safety temperature control up to 49°C, with an auto shut-off function when cold water supply fails. With the Coolshield™ feature, the body of the faucet stays cool to the touch and further prevents scalding shocks from accidental contact with the shower faucet.

When sharing bathroom spaces, contact points become a hotbed for potential cross contamination. The EasyFLO™ faucet which comes with a simple push-button and turns on easily with just a push of a finger, minimizes the surface area of contact with dirty hands. Built to be lead free, the EasyFLO™ faucet’s ease of use allows consumers of various ages to easily use the faucets without any inconvenience.

Cross contamination concerns using shared E-bidets are also allayed with the Pristine E-Bidet. It features two separate nozzles that provide independent front and rear cleansing with five adjustable positions. These nozzles clean themselves before and after every use and feature anti-bacterial protection to give consumers a reassuring feeling of clean.

Meeting All Your Personal Hygiene Needs

To meet the growing needs for integrated shower toilets, the American Standard Aerozen G2™ integrated shower toilet elevates personal comfort and convenience without impacting hygiene. Packed with the latest innovations for personal cleansing and suitable for everyone in the family, the Aerozen G2™ integrated shower toilet features an auto-flush feature for a germ-free and hands-free experience. The built-in Air Deodorizer activates when the user is seated, ensuring a fresh-smelling bathroom at all times. Its SIAA-certified[1] seat features an antibacterial resin for added protection.

The Aerozen G2™ integrated shower toilet also incorporates dual nozzles that are antibacterial and self-cleaning, so there is little worry about cross contamination among users. Nozzle tips are easily changeable and a nozzle shutter provides added hygienic protection against potential backsplash. ComfortClean™ effectively eliminates E. coli and other harmful bacteria that may be lurking in the toilet bowl.

For over 140 years as a pioneer in the design and innovation sector, the highly dependable offerings of American Standard™ have been providing consumers with inviting bathrooms to relax in. Over the decades, innovative breakthroughs and technologies have further placed the brand at the forefront as it endeavors to raise the standard of living by delivering bathroom solutions that are beautiful, purposeful, and safe for everyone.


As one of the most iconic brands in sanitary ware, American Standard has earned the trust of its customers by constantly delivering style, quality and reliability to their bathrooms. Today, backed by more than 140 years of pioneering legacy, American Standard continues to raise the bar in delivering dependable bathroom solutions that combine thoughtful designs and innovative technologies to create inviting bathroom sanctuaries offering ultimate comfort and performance to its customers.


LIXIL makes pioneering water and housing products that solve everyday, real-life challenges, making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere. Drawing on our Japanese heritage, we create world-leading technology and innovate to make high-quality products that transform homes. But the LIXIL difference is how we do this; through meaningful design, an entrepreneurial spirit, a dedication to improving accessibility for all, and responsible business growth. Our approach comes to life through industry leading brands, including INAX, GROHE, American Standard, and TOSTEM. Over 60,000 colleagues operating in more than 150 countries are proud to make products that touch the lives of more than a billion people every day.

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