Expensive blunder: A man crashes his Ferrari shortly after purchasing it

“Derby. April 1st. This morning, the driver bought a Ferrari and crashed it after driving it less than 2 miles. No injuries. “#DriveToArrive,” the law enforcement agency tweeted. They further told the media that no one was hurt in the crash, though the car was severely damaged.

“Derby. April 1st. This morning, the driver purchased a Ferrari and crashed it after only driving it for less than two kilometers. There were no injuries. “”#DriveToArrive,”” the police department tweeted. They also told the reporters that no one was wounded in the incident, even though the car was substantially damaged.

To ensure that the post was not misinterpreted as an April Fool’sFool’s joke, the policing unit wrote, “Not an April Fool’s joke. Incident 368 on 01/04/22 is referred to. Thanks”.

The fiery red Ferrari’sFerrari’s hood can be seen getting banged up in the photos, and its headlights are entirely destroyed.

Many people have pointed out how high-performance sports cars frequently cause accidents since people are not trained to operate them.
“Said for a long time that garages that sell supercars should possess a couple of hours tuition with a driver that knows what they’re doing,” one individual said, echoing this sentiment. A few hundred dollars more on the pricing could save them a lot of money.”
“I always say..If you can’t control a vehicle, DON’T BUY ONE,” another Twitter user said.

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