ID-ME Launches COVID-19 Vaccine Passport

ID-ME is a veteran owned business that focuses on providing services that assist people and organizations alike.


ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., March 4, 2021 ID-ME, after conducting successful testing with more than six (6) FAA Certified Air Carriers, announced the launch of their ID-ME COVID-19 Vaccine Passport. ID-ME pronounced “I-D-Me” is an easy-to-use service that allows users to safely manage, update and securely disclose emergency medical information from their Apple and/or Android Wallets.   


The ID-ME Emergency Medical Information service that has been in operation for years, now provides an easy to see identifier that indicates a member has received a COVID-19 vaccination. Through third-party verification services ID-ME verifies the members vaccine certificate and the COVID-19 Identifier is then shown on their ID-ME digital pass. 

“This simple COVID-19 Vaccine Passport will help get our country moving again,” says Ric Webb, Founder of ID-ME. “It is a natural addition to the service continuing our mantra that people should manage their important emergency information of which COVID-19 is now high on that list.  We believe that this addition can assist people with their jobs, travel and peace of mind,” Webb continued.

Patti Taylor of Eco Helicopters stated, “The addition of the COVID-19 Vaccine Passport has increased the value of the service.  It gives us an added advantage by providing instant assurances to our clients that our flight crew have received their vaccinations.”  Taylor continues, “It is particularly well suited to our needs as it is very affordable, easy to use and allows us to brand our company.”

The ID-ME COVID-19 Vaccine Passport solution is available via a weblink or a downloadable app that is, easy to use, readily accessible, and lets users securely upload verifiable documents. You can easily share your important information, both online and offline, with family and trusted members, and it is all on one device.  #peaceofmind

Individuals, corporations, and governments may access  today and utilize the Emergency Medical Information service with the COVID-19 Vaccine Passport solution. With the ID-ME white-label program, organizations may customize to meet their specific requirements.  “We like to say, ‘Your brand, our technology, together we save lives!'” said Ric Webb.

About ID-ME

ID-ME is a veteran owned business that focuses on providing services that assist people and organizations alike. The solution was developed in 2014 to provide a HIPPA compliant emergency medical information source for Heli-SCUBA students. It was originally named the International Divers Medical  information card. The name was later changed to Identification Medical Emergency (ID-ME) to better serve the general public. In 2021 the “COVID-19 Vaccine Passport” was added to provide a solution to a new problem and complement the existing card. 

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