Vedix deeply contemplates the enciphered ayurvedic codes of health and beauty

Prittle Prattle News in conversation with Mr. Jatin Gujrati, Business Head, Vedix

How Vedix make Ayurvedic luxury skincare popular? 

Ayurveda offered a glimpse of the richly luxuriant life on the Indian subcontinent when our culture thrived in resonance with nature in six alluring seasons. Whether you wished to indulge the opulent and gilded bon vivant or become an austere yogi in the Himalayas, health was of prime importance and thus prioritized. The luxurious techniques of attaining health were at everyone’s disposal, and everyone was encouraged to follow the principles laid in the famed ayurvedic texts. Vedix strives to offer this beauty of Ayurveda and make it relevant in contemporary life and times. At Vedix we source rare herbs and prized essential oils and deeply contemplate the ancient Ayurvedic health and beauty codes. All this, with proper research-backed, success data. Thus, uniting the best of old and new. Pure sandalwood oil, delicate Rose extracts, concentrated Saffron infusions in Almond oil, Nanogold, etc., are just a few names from the lavish inventory of Vedix Skin Care products. 

Kunal Kapoor was roped in for a digital campaign for Vedix. I’m sure there must be a story behind it. Could you tell us more about how you thought about him as a brand match?

Kunal Kapoor is confident in his skin and lights up screens every time he comes on. Vedix, too brings the same effect on its customers. 

Your take on the Quality of ingredients is crucial for all our skincare products. What different techniques do you have?

Skin is more than just a cover on our body; it is sentient and alive. All products applied on the skin are locally metabolized and internalized; this is called Roma Ahahra (nutrition through your follicles). It is analogous to eating food. Just as you would not choose to eat chemically-laden food, your skin, too, does not deserve them. The innovation team at Vedix strives to make Ayurveda convenient but never at the expense of its core values. The active principles are extracted as kashayams from the best quality herbs. The leave-on products are free of perfume and colors. The standardized actives are clinically backed, and the base materials are natural derivatives, gentle and non-hypoallergenic. The Vedix skincare range is gentle yet potent in terms of ingredients. 

What is the goal of Vedic Beauty and wellness, and your vision for the next five years?

The goal is to take customized Ayurveda globally and spread the goodness of Ayurveda to as many countries and people as possible. 

How Vedix is an excellent alternative among others.

Vedix is the only customized Ayurvedic brand that sets it apart from others. So we did not just give people the goodness of Ayurveda, but we also customized the products for them basis their needs. 

Vedix: Expensive Doesn’t Mean Performance. Is it true? Share your thoughts.

The performance and efficacy are based on the quality of ingredients used in the proper proportions. At Vedix, we aim to provide highly effective products at the best possible price to the customers. 

Elaborate on the challenges you encountered while establishing the brand Vedix. 

The concept of customization was completely new when we launched Vedix. We had to spend time building customer awareness on why this is a better way than the conventional approach. However, once customers saw the impact of customization and its delivered results, the brand took off. We have one of the highest retention rates in the industry, which reflects the value-added customization provided to our customers. 

Inspiring quote for Ayurvedic beauty enthusiasts.

You can not go wrong with trusting the 5,000 years old wisdom of Ayurveda. Over such an extended period, what does not work is removed by natural selection, so what is left is beauty wisdom in its purest form. We aim to introduce this to millions of people worldwide in a form that works for them.

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