RxMx Wins “Best Healthcare Big Data Solution” from MedTech Breakthrough Awards Program

NEW YORK, May 6, 2021 RxMx Corp., in partnership with Sanofi, a global biopharmaceutical company, has won the “Best Healthcare Big Data Solution” award from the MedTech Breakthrough Awards for a program and series of technology products.

RxMx is a healthcare company with exceptional technology solutions and longstanding industry experience. Founded by doctors, the company built their business on the idea that by automating certain tasks, they can empower healthcare professionals (HCPs) to safely administer modern medicines without increasing their burden, so they can focus on patients who need their care.

RxMx developed a technology solution for providers to monitor their patients by creating a digital implementation and automation tool called LabWatch. In the United States, the LabWatch solution includes an HCP portal, an HCP mobile app, a field team app and a portal for nurses to track patient test data. The program provides real-time test data to doctors and allows the healthcare team to monitor test data over time.

As patients complete their monthly lab work, the RxMx automated monitoring hub relays real-time information about the patient’s tests to the system. Any data findings outside of the predetermined lab range triggers an automatic result and will immediately notify the HCP and their support team. This process is significant given that test data is traditionally sent to HCPs by fax days after a test is complete. Immediate access to this information is crucial when the lab data could reveal patients at risk.

RxMx has helped to ensure patient safety through the LabWatch program by using real-time data to monitor thousands of patients while keeping doctors, nurses and caretakers informed of the patient’s status.
RxMx CEO George Hunnewell said, “We’re incredibly proud of our work on the LabWatch program. It’s highly successful at keeping patients safe via a digital companion app paired with our HCP products, underlining the value of our products whenever there is a need for tracking patients’ lab results.” 
“RxMx has ensured patient safety through the LabWatch program with real-time data while keeping healthcare professionals well informed of the patients’ status,” said James Johnson, Managing Director, MedTech Breakthrough. “Congratulations to RxMx again this year – this time for our ‘Best Healthcare Big Data Solution’ award.”  

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