IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions partnered with Healthcare companies to achieve superior patient outcomes in 2022

Mumbai: 12th January 2022: IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions, has grown significantly in the past one year. doubled its turnover and workforce in the past one year. The brand provided healthcare companies with a scientific edge to gain competitive advantage in the current challenging healthcare scenario due to regulations, innovations, pricing pressures, and a highly informed patient and has doubled its turnover and workforce.

According to Anish Desai, Founder & CEO, IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions, “We have worked with top Indian & MNC pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies. Our success was due to 4Ds- Data, Differentiation, Dissemination and Diligence. We have been led by our young and energetic GenZ talent. Our focus on science based communication has gone a long way with our clients and we expect to serve the Indian patients in 2022 to achieve superior patient outcomes and help the consumers achieve their goals of health and wellness.”

IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions has been engaged in education and awareness activities for patients and physicians. It has worked in the area of nutraceutical to create awareness with stakeholders in immunity, woman’s health, joint health and gut health. These are common issues faced by the patients and they are looking for evidence based scientific information for regular problems. IntelliMed along with Expert Nutraceutical Advocacy council (ENAC) has worked on a compendium of nutraceutical, which will help the stakeholders to get a scientific insight of commonly used nutra ingredients. They plan to continue the awareness and education activities in 2022 to help consumers in health and wellness aiming to create scientific and authentic information for consumers. They also announced the first International Nutraceutical Day on 2nd September.

Nutraceutical will dominate the healthcare space in 2022 and beyond in health and wellness. IntelliMed will be at the forefront of nutraceutical advocacy and shape the environment.
IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions aim to work across the healthcare sector comprising of Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Medical Device and digital health-tech space.

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