India’s fastest growing Medical information aggregator – has launched a coffee table book named Covid to CoWin

An innovative startup that started with just one small idea, today has a reputation as the best medical information startup in India

AHMEDABAD, India, May 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — New experiments are taking place in the medical field all over the world. Every country is making efforts to achieve new goals in fields like science and medicine. The fields of medical technology and medical research were earlier dominated by Western countries; but with the corona vaccine, India has made huge progress in the field of medical research and has established its command in the world.

Corona pandemic has created a variety of questions in the medical field. In today’s period of fake information, a Gujarat-based medical information aggregator startup called, collects reliable medical information in one place, and spreads accurate information to the people.

The startup offers a variety of innovative services that sets it apart from other web portals. Leading doctors have created a micro-website for doctors in which they can share their blogs, their own experiences, and success stories. This microsite builds a reliable bridge between the doctor and the patient so that the patient can get the right information about the doctor and the medical information shared by them.

Currently, Leading doctors has posted accurate information about more than 1500 diseases on its web portal. And the best doctors of India have come up with their own ideas through Healthy Talk.

On this occasion, founder and chairman of India’s nationally and internationally renowned 3rd Eye Events & Advertising and, Mr. Vishal Desai said, “The idea for this startup came to us two years ago. When someone has a headache or if there is a minor chest pain, then I or anyone from today’s generation will search for the information on Google but the reliability of such information is questionable. We,then came up with the idea that it is very important to convey the right and medically authentic information from doctors to patients, in simple language. With this little idea, together we launched Leading Today, it is the largest content aggregator site in India.”

Vishal Desai has been involved in the business of advertising and brand strategy for the last 15 years. He has the experience of working with people from more than 15 countries around the world and is a leading name in his field. Through his experience, platform will benefit all the people of the society, who need true and reliable medical information in simple language in just one click.

We are currently disseminating medical information through online media. On our platform Leading doctors, we have uploaded informative videos of those doctors, who have excelled in their field and are extremely difficult for the average patient to reach. Leading doctors thus act as a messenger to carry that information. Such videos have been seen by more than 10 lakh people, shared more than 5,000 times, and got more than 20 lakh views. This has set up a unique record in itself and has proven that if the content is great then it does not take time for it to become viral!! Leading doctors shares information provided by doctors, medical associations and government sources, which are trustworthy; in easy simple language which is easy for anyone to understand. This information can be helpful in a variety of circumstances,” Vishal added.

Recently, Leading doctors has launched the Covid to CoWin campaign, in which socially useful information on the need for vaccines was given by the best doctors. This has been seen by more than 50 lakh people and has received a reach of more than 70 lakh. Thus, a small effort of Leading doctors has turned into a mass movement and has seen a positive change in the minds of the people.

Apart from this, a Coffee Table book has been made, describing the journey from Covid to CoWin of more than 50 doctors of Gujarat. This Covid to CoWin Coffee Table Book has been created to provide service and proper information to the people of the society without any commercial purpose. In this coffee table book, the best doctors of India to name a few Dr. Sudhir Shah, Dr. Milan Chag, Dr. Rajesh Desai, Dr. Sameer Dani, Dr. Tushar Patel and Dr. Nishchal Bhatt have presented their experiences. This coffee table book will be a topic of research for future doctors and medical students.

This coffee table book has been appreciated by the Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Vijaybhai Rupani and government officials. Apart from this, all government hospitals, government offices, and other social organizations in Gujarat have placed the coffee table book in their head office.

The experience described in the book Covid to CoWin Coffee Table book can also be found in video form on the website  Healthy Talk. This is to make sure people can be made aware of the experiences of these doctors, even where the book cannot reach them. The video has garnered over 5 million views on social media on the platform, which is a great achievement.

Doctors, medical and support staff are working day and night to ensure that they can perform their duties on the frontline and reach out to the needy in these times of crisis Many doctors, despite suffering from Covid, have played a leading role in healing patients through various means of technology. The Coffee Table Book is an attempt to applaud their contribution. This book is an attempt to give voice to their feelings. In this coffee table book, famous and eminent doctors of India have described their unique experiences.

After completing one success after another, Ms. Khushboo Mehta, co-founder of the start-up, said, “We will be entering e-commerce in the second phase, which will allow the patient to easily connect with the doctors and get medicines prescribed by the doctor from the doctor’s own microsite.”

Today, the reach of Leadingdoctors has reached more than 50 lakhs. The credit goes to all those who trust online sources and follow accordingly.

Don’t be surprised, if in future Leadingdoctors is established as India’s research reference and doctor’s guide.

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