Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital announces improved precision radiotherapy treatment on National Cancer Survivors Day.

It’s challenging to deal with a cancer diagnosis.

It’s difficult for the doctor, but it’s even more difficult for the patient. And it’s for this reason that each development in cancer therapy that provides patients more hope is something to rejoice over. On National Cancer Survivors Day, people who have survived cancer are honored.

It is a source of motivation for newly diagnosed patients and their families. This day emphasizes the idea that a person’s life may be inspirational, fulfilling, and full of hope even after surviving cancer.

Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital in South Chennai will soon offer a cutting-edge radiation service to treat a variety of cancer malignancies.

DKMH’s brand-new development

The radiation facility at Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital will soon be outfitted with cutting-edge technology that is 40 percent quicker and more efficient. The virtually automated equipment will speed up the treatment procedure while reducing patient stress.

To guarantee the patient’s safety, the multifunctional Radiotherapy device has an integrated feature that aligns the radiation process with the breathing motion.

The system’s ultra-high accuracy eliminates the potential for human mistakes, enhancing the treatment’s value and aligning with Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital’s objective of making great care accessible to all.

On the season of National Cancer Survivors Day, Dr.KMH salutes the indomitable spirit of our Cancer Warriors and vows to continue its tireless quest of excellence in treating cancer patients, even as the hospital continues to strengthen its armory against cancer.

Dr. KMH has treated over 10,000 instances of different malignancies and has a long list of cancer survivors. Here are some heartfelt testimonies from some of the survivors we’ve had the privilege of helping.

This hospital provides comprehensive cancer care under one roof with state-of-the-art technology, diagnostic facilities, and a committed staff of oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, and chemotherapists. The newest radiation center, which is set to open shortly, offers a wide range of services and gives hope to those suffering from cancerous tumors.

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