Doctors at HCG Suchirayu Hospital Hubli perform a First of its kind Endovascular Procedure on a 5-year-old patient

HCG Suchirayu Hospital is the first 250-bed Multi-Super Specialty Tertiary care hospital in North Karnataka, rendering quality health care services to the people at an affordable price.

Aditya (name changed) a 5-year-old young boy was bought to HCG Suchirayu Hospital Hubli in critical condition, sustaining grievous injuries in an accident after being hit by an autorickshaw.

A quick physical examination and diagnostic imaging tests were performed on him to analyse his condition and to begin with treatments.

The tests revealed that there was Grade 4 to 5 injury, where the blood vessels that supply blood to the liver were completely torn/damaged.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that there was massive bleeding internally and outside the liver.

The child was in a very critical condition with intense abdominal pain and was also diagnosed as anaemic due to severe blood loss and low haemoglobin levels.

Without any delay, Dr. Venkatesh H A assisted by Dr. Suhail Ambi, Dr. Tejas Kulkarni, Dr. Sandeep Patil, Dr. Anusha, performed a lifesaving Endovascular Pinhole Procedure on the patient. A first-of-its-kind procedure on a paediatric trauma patient in North Karnataka region.

Endovascular surgery is a minimally invasive procedure where surgeons access damaged blood vessels through tiny incisions. The specially designed catheters are used to clear blood clots, improve blood flow, and repair injuries and other conditions affecting the vascular system.

Speaking about the procedure Dr. Venkatesh H A, Consultant Neurovascular and Interventional Radiologist, HCG Suchirayu Hospital, said “The Endovascular Pinhole Procedure was performed on the child by under local anaesthesia and by inducing a minimal amount of sedation.

The bleeding was addressed initially by small flexible catheters threaded through the blood vessels to access the damaged area and block the internal bleeding and later the torn blood vessels were operated.

If not intervened on time, the child would have to undergo a major invasive procedure and might have had to get a portion of his liver removed to save his life”.

He further added that “Paediatric trauma patients with liver injury are highly prone to mortality and morbidity if not treated on time. Endovascular surgery has enormous advantages, including minimal blood loss, less scarring, and shorter hospital stay. The young patient recovered quickly and started interacting with the family. The pain was managed with medications”.
“We like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the doctors here at HCG Suchirayu Hospital Hubli. Our entire world came crashing down after the accident. With a timely intervention by the doctors and treating our son with an advanced medical procedure saved his life. We thank the doctors and paramedical staff from the depth of our hearts,” said the patient’s father.“Despite the severe traumatic injury, the young child was saved by the timely response and medical action within the crucial Golden Hour. We at HCG Suchirayu Hospitals, Hubli endeavour to be a centre of excellence for cutting-edge treatments, and surgical procedures on par with international standards” said Dr. Jaikishan, Chief Operating Officer, HCG Suchirayu Hospital, Hubli.
The child was discharged after 5 days in a healthy condition. Regular follow-up check-ups in the last three months have been encouraging, and the child is in good health.

HCG Suchirayu Hospital, Hubli

HCG Suchirayu Hospital is the first 250-bed Multi-Super Specialty Tertiary care hospital in North Karnataka, rendering quality health care services to the people at an affordable price. We provide best in class healthcare services using state-of-the-art technology at an affordable price. We have an excellent team of well-experienced professionals who do exceptional work for their patients. When it comes to healthcare, we believe we’re a partner for good health, for life. A comprehensive check-up conducted by medical experts will let you discover and intervene any underlying problems. Get an accurate diagnosis from experts and specialists. Experienced medical professionals will evaluate your condition and give you the best plan of action.
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