Actor Arjun Kapoor shares his fitness journey with #TryKar Social Media Campaign by Scitron

Arjun Kapoor has undergone a massive transformation, and the results are real. Recently, in the #TryKar social media campaign by the brand, Scitron, Arjun talks about his journey and how he left chocolates – which he dearly loved.

Scitron is a Sports Nutrition brand that focuses on providing researched-backed and result-oriented nutrition supplements to its users. Arjun has been on a fitness journey and has been able to gain an amazing physique along with increased strength and stamina.

With the increased activity in our lives daily, consumption of the right amount of nutrition has become a must. The campaign aims at conveying how your nutrition can be tasty and how the consumption of a scoop of Scitron Advance Whey gives an immense boost of energy to Arjun.

Arjun Kapoor said about his fitness journey, “Since I was a kid, chocolate has been my weakness. But too much chocolate is not good for your health. As a result, I started searching for a way to fulfill my chocolate cravings and found the perfect substitute – Scitron Advance Whey. It has been perfect for my daily fitness. So just like me, instead of killing your chocolate cravings, Scitron Advance Whey #TryKar!”

Keeping the rich taste in mind, this creative idea was decided after a lot of deliberations. Scitron has been able to bring in a product which not only has excellent results but is also extremely tempting because of the Milk Chocolate flavor.
Ravi Rohra, Co-founder of Scitron, added, “We aim to revolutionize the fitness industry with Scitron. We’ve introduced protein powders in multiple categories and flavors. They will not just work on your fitness but will also go well with your taste. We chose Arjun Kapoor to bring attention to the fact that if he can overcome his cravings with the help of Scitron and get fitter, then anyone can. We’re looking forward to collaborating with many such personalities and making Scitron a must-try protein powder for everyone.”
About Scitron
Scitron is an amalgamation of Science, Technology and Nutrition. Launched in 2018, Scitron is on a constant quest to bring together the best of science and technology to provide better nutrition and help those who want to reach their pinnacle of physical strength and health. From a team that encompasses more than 20 years of combined experience in sports nutrition, Scitron is a brand focused on delivering accessible, high quality and distinctive products.
With a highly scalable business model for an industry that is booming, Scitron is at the forefront of bringing the latest products for its dedicated customers. Our co-founder has been a pioneer in introducing the Industry’s Authentication solution that also rewards its users for buying genuine products.
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