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Virtual idol Mira debuts, get the same style and enter the infinite romantic world of Life Makeover

SINGAPORE, Feb. 14, 2022 — On this Valentine’s Day, a day of romance and love, the Gen-Z virtual idol Mira dazzling debuts. Coming from the infinite romantic universe of Makeover, published by Archosaur Games, Mira presents herself confidently in various exquisite makeups and stylish clothing. She loves to dress up and to live freely.

Life Makeover is a limitless dress-up and life simulation game, packed with gorgeous graphics and beautiful characters, offering a variety of ways to play and a high degree of freedom. Here, users can customize their own look and makeup, build their ideal home, and DIY their own unique outfit, starting from the very first step of choosing fabrics to cutting and sewing, experience the freedom that is infinitely similar to real life.

Everything defined by the user, no boundaries to romance. This is the styling attitude of Gen Z. Be anyone the user wants to be. Either a nobody or a fashion celebrity, it’s just a matter of thought, the standard of beauty lies in the heart.

Embrace the Infinite World of Romance

Life Makeover is a highly customizable dress-up and life simulation game, users can create their character’s features, design fashionable styles, and even decorate their home and engage in social activities. With every gameplay and every detail, Life Makeover will bring infinite possibilities and endless visual enjoyment to the user.

In this world created for the user, romantic self, romantic home and romantic life will be interpreted by the players themselves.

Thousands of Clothing, Match at Will

Explore the vast clothing collection of Life Makeover, including modern trendy suits, retro long garments, glimmering evening dresses, and more. All of their fantasies and desired will be fulfilled in Life Makeover, thousands of clothes and accessories awaits the player. Whether be taking a walk on the beach with friends, or attending a formal dinner party, the player will never run out of style.

Beyond simply choosing and styling, the player can also craft and design clothes. From selecting the fabric to cutting and sewing, the whole process of making the fabric into clothes is under their control. Tryout their own designs in Life Makeover.

Limitless Gameplay, Experience an Endless Romantic Life

Life Makeover breaks through the boundaries of character customization. Every detail of the character’s face can be customized, down to the expression of a smile. In addition, the player can define different skin tones and body shapes to show their personality and uniqueness.
In terms of the Home system, Life Makeover also brings a different experience for players. They can freely choose the location of their house, create their own style of home, and meticulously decorate every corner of their home. On top of these, all furniture and decorations can also be made, placed and colored by the player.
In addition, in the romantic world of Life Makeover, there are more different interactive experiences waiting. The player can design unique clothes, raise cute pets, meet other players online, and invite them for an afternoon tea together…… Everything romantic that the player can imagine can be realized in Life Makeover.

Super high quality and realistic details

As a dress-up life simulation game, Life Makeover is developed with Unreal Engine 4, which offers the players with the most realistic graphics such as fine skin texture, realistic hair details, exquisite clothing materials, sparkling jewelry embellishments …… The high quality graphic allows players to experience a real-life level of feeling and visual enjoyment.

Another masterpiece from Archosaur Games

Life Makeover is highly anticipated in China, more than 3 million players have pre-registered in just six months, making the game one of the most anticipated games of 2022.
Life Makeover is produced and published by Archosaur Games, the development team of Dragon Raja, which is widely acclaimed by players in Southeast Asia and has won the Best Competitive Game of Google Play 2020 in SEA. Renowned for producing games with high quality graphics and free open world, the development team is loved by players worldwide.
Now, with the introduction of Life Makeover and its advanced graphics and gameplay, Archosaur Games will surely give the Southeast Asian players a better experience.

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