Internationally Acclaimed Economist and Chairman of MDAE, Lord Meghndad Desai, welcomes students during the orientation session for the 2022-23 batch

After two years of online sessions, MDAE opens the campus for full-time classroom-based PG Diploma programs

Welcoming PG Diploma students of the 2022-23 batch, Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics (MDAE), India’s leading postgraduate institute for Economic, Data Analytics, Finance, and Public Policy, hosted an orientation session on the 12th August 2022. It commenced with an inaugural address by Lord Meghnad Desai, the Chairman of MDAE.

After two years of online sessions, MDAE opens the campus for full-time classroom-based PG Diploma programs. The current batch includes students from Mumbai, Pune, Goa, and other metro cities across India, indicating that things are returning to normal. It also signifies the end of COVID-19’s effects in the educational sector.

MDAE has taken significant initiatives to make the transition from online to offline easier. They conducted pre-orientation sessions, including a mathematics and statistics refresher workshop, to prepare them for their academic journey at the institute.

Professor Amlesh Kanekar, the Director of Academic Programs at MDAE, and Dr. Bhagyashri Dabke, Program Coordinator at MDAE, led the orientation event for students pursuing PG Diplomas in Economics and Data Science & Finance.

In his welcome speech, Lord Meghnad Desai, Chairman at MDAE, said, “I am glad to interact with students as bright as you, who could make it to the academy like MDAE.” On a lighter note, he said, “he only lent his name to the academy because the founding members of the academy were willing to build an educational institution as tough as the London School of Economics.”

Quoting Alfred Marshall, he explained that economics is a study of everyday business. It studies how a husband and wife make economic decisions as they run their household. In order to make economic decisions, it is studied what they buy, where their kids go to school, what their future financial plans are, etc. All these seemingly small things eventually play a deciding role in global economics. It is important to note that there is no such thing as national economics in the wider scheme of things. Everything falls under a Global Economy.

The session concluded with a Question and Answers session with the students.
Prof. Amlesh Kanekar, Director of Academic Programs, Meghnad Desai Academy, said, “We are elated to finally welcome students on the campus. We missed this one-on-one interaction & connection with students.”

During the session, attendees learned about the MDAE’s values as well as the opportunities and responsibilities they will encounter during their time at the institute. The insightful ceremony equipped students with the right mindset for settling in, meeting their peers, and interacting with esteemed alumni, industry experts, and mentors. It also gave them a brief rundown on how to explore and develop their intellectual, professional, and personal interests.

In the upcoming week, a panel of esteemed speakers and MDAE Board Members will deliver online guiding sessions for students.

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