InspirED 2022: A global leadership conference to solve the biggest puzzle pieces in education

The second edition of this virtual conference to learn, lead, connect, leverage ideas, and collaborate will take place between April 5th and 8th

Mumbai, India, Teach For India brings to you inspirED 2022, a four-day virtual conference that aims at creating a platform for all the stakeholders of the education sector. The conference is presented by Teach For India, in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania Institute for the Advanced Study of India and 25+ other global and national organizations.

Following the format from last year, the conference will lead to the convergence of students, teachers, parents, and decision-makers and inspire them towards action. inspirED 2022 will act as a platform for stakeholders to come together with their diverse voices and highlight the hopes of the children, the future that teachers envision and the support that all of us must provide at leaving the pandemic behind and subsequently, reimagine an excellent and equitable education for all. This year the conference is geared towards helping the general public identify the role of ‘YOU’, or how people can contribute and help rebuild the education system. This conference promises to showcase stories of leadership in education, spotlight innovations in schooling, and provide a collective space to reimagine Indian education.

“The past 600 days have been among the most trying for India’s children. The pandemic has forced us to ask really important questions – What is education and why does it matter? Whose voices must we listen to as we make decisions for our children? Does learning need to stop when the physical space of a school is restricted? In the midst of all of this, though, there lies great opportunity. And the answers to these questions hold within them a reimagined education. For instance, we learn from life, and we learn for life. So, learning essentially needs to get seamlessly integrated into life. The InspirED platform is a powerful collective space to think deeper about our roles and how we contribute together and help rebuild the education system.” – said Shaheen Mistri, CEO and Founder, Teach For India.

When – April 5 – 8, 2022.
Timings – 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM IST
Where – Teach For India YouTube
inspirED 2022 will help amplify the leadership role played by our partners, namely, the stakeholders in education. It also provides a host of networking opportunities for these partners and provides access to participants and interest groups post the conference. We invite you to register for the conference and discover your role in reimagining the education system.
Leaders hosting and participating in at inspirED 2022 include –
Roshni Nadar Malhotra (CEO, HCL Corporation, Chairperson, HCL Technologies, Trustee, Shiv Nadar Foundation, Founder and Trustee, The Habitats Trust), Shereen Bhan (Managing Editor, CNBC-TV18), Michelle Culver (Senior VP of Regional Operations, Teach For America), Kiran Sethi (Founder and Director, The Riverside School), Rishikesh B.S. (Associate Professor, School of Education, Azim Premji University). Smita Deorah (Cofounder & Co-CEO, LEAD), Google for Education, British Council, Azad Oommen (Co-Founder, Global School Leaders), Central Square Foundation, Nimo Patel (Artist), Vikramjeet Sinha (works with conflict children through art and drama in Kashmir), Abhijeet Barse (CEO, Slum Soccer), Kumar Anurag Pratap (Vice President – Corporate Social Responsibility, Capgemini Technology Services India Limited).
Ashwath Bharath, Senior Director – Movement Building, Teach For India commented “The world has changed drastically in the last 2 years and so is the education system across the globe. The pandemic has been both a disruption and an opportunity that has led to challenges and innovations. With the hope of living in a post pandemic world, it is time for us as responsible citizens to come together and take stock of the situation, identify the gaps, amplify the innovations, and rebuild a sustainable and effective education system for all our children. inspirED 2022 is a step towards initiating these conversations with a diverse set of stakeholders coming together to see the truth, feel the urgency and seize the opportunity in order to rebuild the system.”
Conference Themes
Day 1, Schools and Schooling
Day 1 of inspirED 2022 focuses on the ‘why’ of rebuilding the system. Listen to our students, educators, parents, and corporate leaders share how they reimagined schooling during the tough times of the pandemic.
Day 2, Rebuilding the future –
Day 2 of the 4-day long virtual conference will bring together stakeholders from different geographical and social contexts to identify strategies to bridge the gap for all children in India.
Day 3, Going beyond the basics
On the penultimate day of inspirED 2022, we will discuss the importance of the social, physical, and mental wellbeing of our children and design a sustainable and effective learning environment for them.
Day 4, ‘You & I’ in Rebuilding the system inspirED 2022 will close with ‘YOU’! Come together to design a vision with our students, educators, parents, media personalities, and leaders to rebuild the system sustainably and effectively for all our children.
Access inspirED 2020 learning docket
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