Empowering self-discovery through ‘How to draw a Samara’ – Insights from Sam & Mi CEO

Priyanka Agrawal Mehta in conversation with Prittle Prattle News shares vibrant details of the impactful virtual book reading session for early learners

In a compelling dialogue of Samara with Priyanka Agrawal Mehta, Founder and CEO of Sam & Mi Publishing House, we delved into the inspiring details of the recent virtual book reading session conducted for the budding minds of JML School. Discovering the essence of the engaging session and aligning it with broader initiatives, Priyanka unfolds the vision behind ‘How to Draw a Samara’ and shares insights on nurturing empathetic and creative learners.

Objective of the Virtual Book Reading Session:

Question: What was the primary objective behind organizing the virtual book reading session for 1st and 2nd graders at JML School?

Response: The session aimed to encourage young minds to explore their unique strengths. ‘How to Draw a Samara’ sparked self-reflection among the children, fostering confidence and self-discovery in a phase of learning new concepts.

Question: How does the session align with the State Government’s ‘Reading Movement’ initiative in Maharashtra?

Response: By initiating children back from holidays with a book reading and author interaction, the session perfectly synchronizes with the State Government’s ‘Reading Movement,’ fostering an emotional connection with reading.

Book Details and Interactive Activities:

Question: Could you elaborate on the book, “How to Draw a Samara,” and its core message and theme?

Response: The book takes Samara on a journey of self-discovery when she struggles to find her unique qualities for a self-portrait. It resonates with the theme of exploring individual uniqueness.

Question: What interactive activities were integrated into the session to engage the students and reinforce the book’s message?

Response: Following the book reading, students identified their unique qualities and illustrated their self-portraits, leading to diverse and beautifully depicted self-reflections.

Vision of Sam & Mi Publishing House:

Question: What values and qualities does Sam & Mi aim to impart through its carefully curated stories and publications?

Response: We emphasize empathy, problem-solving, and communication skills in our stories, nurturing these vital attributes in children.

Question: How does the publishing house contribute to children’s holistic development beyond fostering a love for reading?

Response: Our stories empower children to address challenges, communicate effectively, and instill empathy, encouraging their overall development.

Reflections and Impact:
Question: Share your reflections on the session and the response from the students during the book reading and illustration activity.
Response: The students displayed immediate understanding and beautifully illustrated their unique traits, reflecting self-awareness in a short span.

Question: How does this session reinforce Sam & Mi’s mission to nurture empathetic and creative learners?

Response: Initiating self-reflection at an early age contributes to developing empathy, problem-solving, and communication skills, aligning with our mission to nurture empathetic and creative learners.
This insightful conversation with Priyanka Agrawal Mehta unveils the dedication of Sam & Mi in fostering a generation of confident, empathetic, and creative young learners.
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