Consensus and Datasaur partner to deliver accurate science based answers for all

Science-based answer app, Consensus announces they’ve chosen Datasaur’s platform to power their ML model and train their dataset. This will speed Consensus’ time to market for their academic search engine.

Science-based answer app, and NLP data-labeling platform, Datasaur have officially announced their partnership.

Within a few months of integration, it was clear Datasaur’s NLP labeling technology would be a huge benefit to the ML model, enabling highly accurate results.

Consensus is building a search engine for scientific research which uses machine learning and natural language processing to make authoritative science-based answers accessible to everyone.

In order for state-of-the-art machine learning system to effectively analyze and extract information from scientific literature, they needed to construct quality datasets to train models.

Datasaure was ready to help with an annotation product that:

Labels scientific papers at different levels (entity, sentence, multiple sentences, etc.)Allows the creation of custom label setsEnables multiple annotators in the same fileSupports inexperienced annotators (in this case, Ph.D.’s and Ph.D. students)Provides easy to use workflow tools

Datasaur’s platform was able to accommodate all of Consensus’ complex annotation requirements and more.

“Within a few months of collaborating with Datasur, Consensus was able to achieve accurate results expediting the production and quality of our search engine. The success of our first collaboration led Consensus and Datasur to begin a second project and workflow that utilizes a different technique of labeling and review.”

According to Eric Olson, Consensus CEO,

Datasaur trained Consensus personnel on the best ways to use the platform to maximize feature functionality.

The two organizations collaborated on the best reviewing methods (including ensuring consistency with Consensus standards), the best output formats, labeling techniques, and workflows.

“Datasaur is incredibly excited to be working with Consensus; they’re building an innovative product that will provide a powerful search engine for users. Collaborating with Consensus has been a seamless experience, as they deploy creative and simple solutions to complex challenges. We are eager to continue our work of customizing our platform to enable the Consensus team in training their high-quality ML models.”

Ivan Lee, Datasaur CEO, stated,
Going forward, the companies expect continued collaboration will assure the most accurate results possible for Consensus searchers.
While scientific research is one of the most valuable, insight-filled sources of data the world has ever seen, there is still no easy way for the masses to access this information.
Consensus is a science-based answer app using AI to make science more accessible and consumable for all. Consensus believes making peer-reviewed information more readily available will help to combat the plague of misinformation that is currently straddling the globe.
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