Confluence 2.0 Wisdom Bridge: Heartfulness MENA and Global Indian International School UAE

A Unique program for children to interact and learn from Multi talented storytellers

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Heartfulness MENA in association with Global Indian International Schools UAE, have put together a unique virtual program for kids called “Wisdom Bridge”. An interesting initiative curated for children that will use storytelling by a handpicked faculty of storytellers from all walks of life who will introduce the children to values propagated by UNESCO. The storytellers’, majority of them grandparents, from 4 different countries of the world i.e. India, UAE, Pakistan and United States of America, will surely provide a global perspective to the young genius minds.

Storytelling is one of the strongest forms of communication for young minds. Designed to initiate a journey of wonder for each child, the Wisdom Bridge program is FREE to register for all children in the age group of 4-7 years

The idea is a blend of two concepts: an African value-based philosophy, Ubuntu, which says, ‘I Am Because We Are,’ and another lovely notion, the Wisdom Bridge. The Wisdom Bridge is a term used to describe the unique relationship between grandparents and grandkids. Grandparents’ wisdom and experience are passed down to the current generation through this bond, an affiliation, a heart-to-heart connection that allows not only love and affection but also an inherent transfer of knowledge and wisdom from one generation to the next. This is diminishing rapidly in today’s society owing to a shift towards more nuclear families.

The program has been designed to focus on four out of UNESCO’s seven listed ‘fundamental values in learning’. The selection of values was intelligently done basis the responses of a parental survey.
The faculty of storytellers will introduce these values in the first out of the two sessions each week.:
Love and Compassion
Truth and Wisdom
Harmony with Nature
Creativity and Appreciation
The second session will help children recall and reinforce the same value through fun and creative activities. UNESCO emphasizes that early childhood care and education (ECCE) is more than just preparation for primary school. It aims at the holistic development of a child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development in order to enable lifelong learning and well-being. ECCE has the potential to nurture caring, competent, and responsible future citizens.
GIIS has always been a pioneer in promoting and practicing teaching methods and processes that promote the holistic development of a child. Through the Wisdom Bridge program, GIIS in association with Heartfulness MENA is taking one more innovative step in that direction.
The Wisdom Bridge, a FREE program for all children 4-7 years, can be attended via Zoom on Mondays and Thursdays for four weeks starting 4th April 2022.

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