Author Steve Garthe’s book “Adventures of the Eagle Talon Treasure” is a gripping tale of a group of friends on a quest to solve the mystery of the Eagle Talon Treasure

DES MOINES, Wash., March 16, 2022 — Steve Garthe, a proud husband and father who yearns for adventure, has completed his new book “Adventures of the Eagle Talon Treasure”: a thrilling mystery of twists and turns.

Garthe shares, “The highly sought adventure of lost treasure hidden by Templars of the past begins as the crew travel around the world to anxiously get to the bottom of the mystery of the Eagle Talon Treasure.They are met with hidden booby traps while facing unforeseen doom climbing to the top of a mountain. Nj quickly recruits the help of his friends Ben, Lawrence, and Tim to search for the Eagle Talon Treasure they learned about while exploring the Thompson’s House.

They set forth on a journey to Italy to learn more about the Templars and their secrets. From Italy, they venture back home to learn about the two mysterious men who have been keeping the truth away from Nj and his friends.The closer they get to the facts, the more dangerous the adventure becomes as they continue their quest through other dimensions, meeting new and thrilling characters who help guide them to the treasure. Can Nj and his team reach the prize without facing their maker? Will the two mysterious men find success in stopping the group from achieving their mission?”

Published by Page Publishing, Steve Garthe’s enthralling tale will have readers guessing alongside the four courageous teens on a restless hunt to solve the mystery of the Eagle Talon Treasure.

Readers who wish to experience this mysterious work can purchase “Adventures of the Eagle Talon Treasure” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

About Page Publishing:

Page Publishing is a traditional, full-service publishing house that handles all the intricacies involved in publishing its authors’ books, including distribution in the world’s largest retail outlets and royalty generation. Page Publishing knows that authors need to be free to create, not mired in logistics like eBook conversion, establishing wholesale accounts, insurance, shipping, taxes, and so on. Page’s accomplished writers and publishing professionals allow authors to leave behind these complex and time-consuming issues and focus on their passion: writing and creating.

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