OFS Portal & Taulia Collaborate on PIDX Integration

OFS Portal recently announced successful implementation of PIDX Oil & Gas standards between an OFS Portal supplier member and an operator that is a customer of Taulia.

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In collaboration with working capital management solution provider Taulia, OFS Portal recently announced successful implementation of PIDX Oil & Gas standards between an OFS Portal supplier member and an operator that is a customer of Taulia. PIDX standards implemented using AS2 addresses the immediate need for low-cost business document exchange among the Oil & Gas community, furthering the industry’s use of the global Oil and Gas standards.

“By implementing the PIDX standards using AS2, suppliers and operators can exchange business documents in a secure and encrypted manner,” said Chris Welsh, OFS Portal CEO. “This secure connection helps to maintain trading partners’ commercial trade secrets at a time when data stewardship is priority. Taulia’s operator customers and our supplier Members can now maintain data integrity and confidentiality with each document exchange. It’s a strong testament that the use of reliable standards is important for enabling global digital supply chains.”

The use of AS2 with PIDX standards also provides suppliers and operators message identification, non-repudiation of origin and receipt, reliable messaging capabilities, and support for binary attachments. 

“We collaborated with OFS Portal and its members to implement PIDX using AS2 as an alternative to RosettaNet,” said Mariya Karadzhova, Project Lead at Taulia. “Through PIDX with AS2, we can now provide a secure and standardized digital integration for both their supplier Members and our customers.”

This recent project between OFS Portal and Taulia reinforces the Oil & Gas industry’s continued commitment to the adoption of the PIDX standards — a commitment OFS Portal and its Members have and continue to support over the course of 20 years.This was shared to Prittle Prattle News by a Press Release.

About Taulia

Taulia is a leading provider of working capital management solutions headquartered in San Francisco, California. Through a unique combination of its technology platform, people and process, Taulia helps companies access the value tied up in their supply chain. Taulia’s vision is to create a world where every business thrives by enabling buyers and suppliers to choose when to pay and get paid. A network of two million businesses use Taulia’s technology and the company processes over $500 billion every year. Taulia is trusted by the world’s largest companies including Airbus, AstraZeneca, and Vodafone. For more information, please visit

About OFS Portal

OFS Portal is a Member-based group of industry-leading upstream Oil & Gas suppliers and service providers. Our vision is to make cost-effective B2B eCommerce a reality and the common practice for oilfield suppliers, operators and procurement platforms. Our Community consists of a diverse group of multi-national and regional oilfield suppliers, operators and procurement platforms with combined operations all over the globe. Current Members include Baker Hughes Company, Basic Energy Services, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Select Energy Services, Total Safety USA, Weatherford International, and Wellbore Integrity Solutions. Learn more about an OFS Portal Membership today.


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