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Spoil them silly: Women’s day gift ideas 2022 from The Moms Co. for the lovely ladies in your life

this Women’s Day 2022, thank those special ladies in your life and show your appreciation by surprising them with the perfect gifts from The Moms Co.

The Moms Co., March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day, and it is a day to toast to all the amazing ladies out there. Sure, the women in your life deserve to feel like absolute queens no matter what the occasion is, but having a special day dedicated to them does make them feel extra special. A thoughtful gift for special women in your life can go a long way in making them feel appreciated. Look at the women in your life who have in some way or the other helped you grow (personally and professionally). It’s time to express respect and gratitude towards such ladies in your life. Women’s Day 2022 is arriving and this is a perfect chance to show your mother, sister, wife, friend, colleague, boss, teacher, and literally, any woman who has contributed to your life in any way how much she mean to you.

On the occasion of Women’s Day, The Moms Co. has launched 2 special kits of Personal care- ‘Natural Advanced 20% Vitamin Complete Face Care Kit’ & ‘Oily Skin Complete Care Kit’.

Natural Advanced 20% Vitamin Complete Face Care Kit – Women’s Day special

Protect, repair and replenish your skin with The Moms Co.’s Advanced Vitamin C Natural Face Care Routine. The regime has 4 natural products that prevent skin damage, neutralize free radicals, boost collagen production and deeply moisturize the skin, leaving it brighter, softer and smoother. Cleanse your skin with Natural Vitamin C Face Wash that has Orange peels that gently exfoliate the skin. Follow it up with The Moms Co.’s alcohol free Natural Daily Face Toner that gives the skin a boost of hydration. The Natural Vitamin C Face Serum is enriched with Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid that neutralize free radicals and improve uneven skin tone. Seal in the moisture with Natural Vitamin C Face Cream that has Vitamin C, Sqaulane and Ferulic Acid. The kit is priced at INR 1,800

Oily Skin Complete Care Kit – Women’s Day special

Oily skin is a never-ending battle of acne breakouts, greasy forehead and chin, open pores and blackheads. While you cannot change your skin type, with the right products, you can definitely manage it. The Moms Co. Oily Skin Complete Care Kit is designed to help you do just that. It helps remove dirt and impurities, controls excess oil & acne causing bacteria and hydrates without making the skin feel greasy. It comes with Natural Green Tea Face Wash, Natural Green Tea Face Toner, Natural Green Tea Cream, and Natural Green Tea Night Gel. It helps keep your skin mattified and fresh. The Gift set is priced at Rs 1,696.

So, this Women’s Day 2022, thank those special ladies in your life and show your appreciation by surprising them with the perfect gifts from The Moms Co.

About The Moms Co.
Established in 2017 to address a huge gap of toxin-free products in the Indian market for pre-natal and post-natal consumption, and baby care, The Moms Co. works with experts across India, Australia & Switzerland to benefit people who are conscious about what they use for their skincare.
At The Moms Co., the products are made with love and without compromise. The brand has brought in experts from across the world to help them create the safest natural formulations that are certified toxin-free. The products are formulated and tested to make sure they meet every international safety standard there is across the US, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia. The Moms Co. is India’s first Australia Certified Toxin-Free™ brand, certified by the Safe Cosmetics Australia™ – a Toxin-Free Campaign. The product ranges are also Made Safe™, Australia Allergy Certified™ and Dermatologically Tested and PETA-certified cruelty-free.
The company is constantly striving to adopt sustainable practices across the board in a bid to reduce plastic pollution. In 2019, The Moms Co. tied up with rePurpose Global to offer their consumers plastic neutral shopping experience. Now every time a consumer shops on their website, they have an option of adding Rs. 1 to their order. This amount helps rePurpose Global collect and recycle single-use plastics at ethical waste management plants. It also empowers marginalized women who work in the waste management sector.

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