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ORNAZ, A Ring Behind Every Proposal

ORNAZ: The country’s rich history and cultural heritage, together with its enduring fascination with gold, have contributed to the growth of the jewellery industry.

ORNAZ: The Indian subcontinent has always been the centre stage in the dramatic history of some of the world’s most famous and mesmerizing diamonds.

ORNAZ: The country’s rich history and cultural heritage, together with its enduring fascination with gold, have contributed to the growth of the jewellery industry. Today, the Indian Diamond Industry is a pioneer in the gem industry and a world leader in the manufacturing of cut and refined diamonds. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shrouded the world and hearts of people in obscurity that seems to have no end. With the world outside teeming with stories of despair, we also come across positive stories of people coming together and tying a forever bond. We all know that choosing the perfect Engagement Ring can be a daunting process. With no ideal brand as a perfect destination for Engagement Rings, ORNAZ comes as a beacon of hope and prosperity. 

Ornaz is India’s first and only Engagement Ring Brand. It is an online platform that provides the exceptional experience of buying an engagement ring, from iconic designs to real-time diamond inspection. Founded in 2016 by Manik Bhola, ORNAZ is a first-of-its-kind online platform in the Indian market. ORNAZ offers a world-class selection of engagement rings coupled with high-quality laboratory graded diamonds, all at an extraordinary value alongside providing a rich buying experience. A natural diamond has the genuine power to transform any moment. Keeping this thought in mind, ORNAZ strictly follows GIA Certified Diamond because nothing is above that when it comes to authenticity & value. 

With an extensive team of GIA Trained Experts & Engagement Ring Stylists, the company offers 24×7 assistance and service which is a landmark in itself. ORNAZ is loved by millennial couples as it offers:

  1. Virtual try-on option
  2. 360-degree diamond display technology to help truly understand the beauty, shape, colour, cut and clarity of diamonds
  3. Fully interactive online consultations
  4. 24×7 expert guidance
  5. Customised engraving
  6. Lifetime warranty
  7. Easy returns
  8. Worldwide delivery

It is ORNAZ’s top priority to make each visitor’s experience delightful and fulfilling. 

ORNAZ has revolutionized the way people shop for engagement rings. With a mission to offer consumers superior quality diamonds and the largest collection of Engagement Rings, ORNAZ is marching ahead with a team of highly efficient and creative minds. They strive for nothing less than perfection and incorporate novel ideas to improve and innovate the designing and buying experience. ORNAZ offers a world-class selection of engagement rings and solitaires, expressing ‘Eternal Love’. Their vision is that “There should be an ORNAZ Ring behind every proposal”. 

About the Founder – Manik Bhola

Manik Bhola started his adventure in the startup ecosystem by holding a bachelor’s degree of engineering in computer science. Having an entrepreneurial mindset fuelled his urge to constantly push himself to the edge without holding anything back. Manik Bhola witnessed that the industry is not catering to modern couples who want to make their proposal unforgettable for their partners. He saw a couple of his friends who were facing the same issue, which led Manik to build upon his marvellous idea- ORNAZ. Manik has always believed that knowledge is power and has always worked really hard to build a business from the ground up. He started working towards his goals and vision at the age of 21.

Manifesting the growth of the company and working hard has kept Manik and the team going forward towards their vision. He says, “ORNAZ is a brand that believes in LOVE and celebrates it with all the bling in order to make the client’s big day a memorable one”.

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