Hisense Announced 2021 Full-Year Result, Revenue Hit Historical High of US$27.2 Billion

Hisense believes and expects a significant increase in brand power and sales growth in 2022.

QINGDAO, Hisense announced its 2021 financial results, showing total revenue reached US$27.2 billion, up 33% YOY, hitting a new record high in total revenue; Overseas revenue hit US$11.3 billion, increased by 43% YOY; with overseas revenue accounted for 42%, showcasing Hisense’s dominant market position in international markets and fully reflecting the excellent results that Hisense has achieved over the years in overseas business development.

“We ended 2021 with an excellent result, with substantial revenue growth and product enhancements in quality and reputation. By focusing on core technology competencies, providing excellent products and consumer experience, while implementing superb marketing strategy and efficient execution capability, Hisense achieved significant results in both business and financial performance,” Hisense Group President Jia Shaoqian said.

Hisense TV Display Sale Increased Expeditiously, Laser TV Sales Volume Soared by 279%

Demand for TVs surged as the “At-home” trend boosted high-resolution home cinema sales under the pandemic’s influences. Hisense quickly reacts to the market demand with strong global SCM capabilities, increasing manufacture and sales in premium lineups such as ULED TV and Laser TVs to create the ultimate viewing experience and bring customers joy during the pandemic. As a result, Hisense TV in 2021 has experienced an upsurge in global sales, with US regional TV sales revenue growth exceeding 32.8%; Mexico exceeding 36.4%; Hisense Laser TV sales volume overseas up 279% YOY.

Meanwhile, Hisense Commercial Display also witnessed significant growth in 2021. Hisense Smart City and Urban Traffic Management business officially landed in Ethiopia, Africa, along with Ultrasound, Medical Display, and several other commercial displays being utilized multiple times internationally; Hisense Commercial Display experienced 323% YOY growth in overseas sales revenue annually.
Multidimensional Marketing Strategy Layout Enhanced Brand Power, Brand Awareness Surge by 11%
In addition to steady sales growth, Hisense has also focused on building brand reputation and becoming a globalized brand through various marketing strategies.
For example, Hisense has launched thousands of marketing campaigns around the peak of EURO2020 globally. According to IPSOS’s latest data, through marketing campaigns and localization strategies, Hisense’s global awareness in 2021 has rapidly increased by 11%, sales revenue up 64.7% in the UK and over 90% in the French and German markets. Hisense believes that adhering to globalization strategies and sponsoring sports marketing will enhance enterprise awareness, influence and drive sales.
In November 2022, Hisense is also the official sponsor of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. Through a series of tactical and heart-touching global marketing strategies, Hisense believes and expects a significant increase in brand power and sales growth in 2022.
In 2021, Hisense was operating and selling steadily in more than 160 countries. In the future, Hisense will strive to develop technology in both B2B and B2C capability, provide high-standard services and products to meet global consumers’ needs in all aspects, to achieve the most trustworthy and valuable brand worldwide.

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