EmpiRx Health Reaffirms Commitment to Employees, Partners with Valor Performance to Strengthen Leadership & Employee Experience

EmpiRx Health takes a clinical-first approach to improving health outcomes while delivering deep and sustainable savings for its clients—in a way that no one else does.

MONTVALE, N.J., EmpiRx Health, the industry’s only value-based pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), is pleased to announce its partnership with Valor Performance, a premier leadership and mindset coaching platform.

EmpiRx Health continues to be a category-creating force within healthcare and is positioning its rising leaders to deliver the next generation of innovation while providing outstanding care and service to their clients. Through this partnership, EmpiRx Health prepares and empowers its employees with the tools they need to advance on an individual and team level.

Valor Performance will provide EmpiRx Health with an exclusive digital coaching software platform that provides proven skills, strategies, and measurable insights for leaders to motivate their teams and sustain their performance amidst the nonstop modern-day work environment. The program will bring individualized one-on-one coaching and development tools to executives, managers, and rising leaders in the company.

“We know the market continually needs stronger, more evolved leadership in order to transform healthcare,” said EmpiRx Health CEO Karthik Ganesh. “Employees don’t leave companies; they leave managers, and we are committed to grooming the next generation of healthcare leaders. The personalized coaching platform Valor provides will equip our rising leaders with the confidence and skills to build high-performing teams that drive innovation from ideation to market. Our investment in Valor goes beyond our extended management team―it will make an impact on each employee and ultimately our corporate culture, allowing us to continue to innovate.”

The Valor coaching experience will complement the company’s existing investments in Gallup’s CliftonStrengths-based approach to employee development―an assessment and associated coaching given to each employee to best identify and maximize their strengths and work styles.
“It is a pleasure to work with Karthik and the leadership team at EmpiRx Health,” said Valor Performance Founder and CEO Sarah Milby. “Many businesses today are experiencing the increasingly complex modern-day workforce, and leaders aren’t always given the tools to help sustain their team’s success in this quickly evolving climate. This was exactly the driving force behind Valor. We are thrilled to work with a forward-thinking company such as EmpiRx to help its leadership team become the best version of themselves which will have a ripple effect across the company and their ability to achieve their ambitious goals.”

About EmpiRx Health

EmpiRx Health is the industry’s only value-based PBM, with a clinically focused and tech-enabled approach to bending the Rx cost curve. The pay-for-performance model is powered by a unique Rx-driven population health management solution and is delivered with an exceptional white-glove customer service experience. EmpiRx Health takes a clinical-first approach to improving health outcomes while delivering deep and sustainable savings for its clients—in a way that no one else does.

About Valor Performance

Valor Performance is at the forefront of bringing leadership and performance mindset coaching into the lives of executives, managers, and rising business leaders. With industry-leading engagement and results, we specialize in helping others train their mind to succeed no matter the circumstances. By combining the science of performance mindset with an engaging, data-driven, digital coaching platform and world-class performance coaches, our platform gives high-performers strategies to sustain their performance, managers the coaching to become leaders, and companies the actionable insights to be the best places to work.

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