Takashimaya Group launches showrooming store business in late April, 2022

TAKASHIMAYA TRANSCOSMOS INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE PTE. LTD., a joint venture of Takashimaya Company, Limited. (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan; President: Yoshio Murata; Takashimaya) and transcosmos inc., hereby announces that the company will launch a showrooming store business, opening stores specifically designed for showrooming.

Takashimaya, a powerful brand known for its meticulous customer services; transcosmos, a company that excels in digital and system development services with an extensive know-how of digital transformation; and TTIC, a company that has built strong relationships with various D2C (direct-to-consumer) brands by assisting them in wholesaling and retail selling in Japan and overseas; have together built a framework for a new showrooming store business. The three companies work as one, not only to create a touchpoint with customers who don’t regularly visit department stores, but also to bring new value to both new and existing customers with superior customer services that only department stores can offer, a special online store with a range of gift service features, and a product lineup only available in showrooming stores.

The first store is scheduled to open on the second floor of Takashimaya Shinjuku store in late April. The three companies aim to open showrooming stores in locations other than Takashimaya stores with a focus on the ASEAN region, in addition to Takashimaya stores in Japan and overseas in the future. In addition, by making the most of the D2C brand network to be built on this business for TTIC’s cross-border e-commerce business, we will capture inbound demand while offering a global sales channel for the brands, thereby further growing our businesses.

  • Extensive gift service features for a variety of gift occasions
    Customers can select, shop and send the perfect gift on our special online store, with an optional gift wrapping service. Also, with our social media gift services, customers can readily send gifts via social networking services (SNS), e-mails, and other channels to their friends without a postal address.
  • Discover unexpected items from trend-conscious product lineup, hand-picked by our curators
    Our product offerings include items chosen by our five expert curators with a savvy in themes ranging from gourmet, lifestyle, beauty, Japanese arts & crafts, to ethical. Communicating the value and appeal of each item from their unique perspectives, curators will make customers discover unexpected, wonderful items.
  • Dedicated store assistant offers hospitality services for each customer, online services also available.
    Our dedicated showrooming store assistants explain about products displayed in the store and give advice on how to use the special online store, offering services tailored to each customer need to make them enjoy their shopping experience. The store is equipped with booths specifically for online customer services, offering the same level of services to customers who cannot visit the store in person (advance booking required).
  • Thorough support services for brands including quantitative/qualitative reports and store management
    In addition to conducting quantitative analysis using various data, including data captured by in-store AI cameras and browsing data gained on the special online store and SNS, we will provide qualitative information gained through conversation between our showrooming store assistants and customers, such as customer buying appetites and their shopping motivation. Brands can leverage the information for future product development and more.
    TTIC will manage the special online store, enabling brands to have touchpoints with diverse customers – and with the bare minimum preparation – such as product samples for store displays and for selling.


Representative: Managing Director, CEO: Takahiro Kawaguchi
Location: 63 Chulia Street #15-01, OCBC Centre East, Singapore 049514
Established: March 3, 2015
Paid in capital: 17,300,000 SGD (Investment ratio: Takashimaya 51%, transcosmos 49%)
Business: Wholesaling for distributors, retailers and e-commerce businesses primarily in the ASEAN region, store management in both offline and online spaces, and sales and marketing support services for companies entering the global market.

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