Surbhi Pansari will help you raise your festive fashion game

Luxe menswear designer Surbhi Pansari, The mild fragrance of autumn mixed with the October air marks the beginning of the festive season in India.

Luxe menswear designer Surbhi Pansari is all set to welcome the festival of lights with her new collection “THE FESTIVE EDIT 2022” which represents the rich history and culture of the Indian festive season.

When it comes to dressing up for the festive season, there are a few wardrobe must-haves for men that can be worn in different ways and on different occasions.

The colours and emotion of the country’s celebrations inspired the assemblage.

This season, the designer has included a collection of classic Kurtas for men that are characterized by her own style and classic craftsmanship.

The collection is a celebration of timeless and exquisite beauty. Kurtas are the perfect choice for any occasion, which can be paired conveniently with a pyjama to get the perfect festive look.

In order to make a stellar entrance, choose from the wide range of colours available at Surbhi Pansari.

The colours used to create these masterpieces are Prussian Blue, Cherry Red, Space Blue and Mint Green.

The focus is on fabrics, from traditional weaves and easy cottons silks to lighter-than-air cotton silk, juxtaposed with a smattering of intricate workmanship.

Whether it’s a daytime puja, family lunch or cards party you’re dressing up for, we’ve got sartorial inspiration for every event on your calendar…


When one thinks of the fashion industry, one immediately thinks of designers and their gorgeous cuts and creations for ladies. Surbhi Pansari, on the other hand, chose the less-traveled path of luxury clothing.
Pansari’s creations are stylish, current, and truly admirable, thanks to her own style, traditional craftsmanship and fit, use of ultra-luxe fabrics, brilliant colours, and blending of ethnic colours, shapes, and silhouettes with Western inspirations.
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