Seewraj Nundlall, Consulate of the Republic of Mauritius, celebrates the Independence Day of Mauritius with Prittle Prattle

On the auspicious occasion of the International Business Conference held by DY Patil University, Mr. Seewraj shares his ideas of sustainable economic transformation and celebrates the Independence day of Mauritius with Prittle Prattle News.

Many international professionals and highly successful entrepreneurs inaugurated the 12th edition of the International Business Conference at DY Patil. Prittle Prattle News was a part of the entire event and met and talked to such beautiful personalities. One of them was Mr. Seewraj Nundlall, who very brilliantly elaborated on the theme concept of “Sustainable economic transformation.” 

At first, he announced the Independence Day of Mauritius, which showed the love he has for the country. Later, he explained his journey and how sustainable economic development gained importance in East Africa. 

Prittle Prattle News is honored to meet such a brilliant personality who enlightened on the need for sustainable development to ensure any nation’s success.

The entire event was very knowledgeable and enlightening. Mr. Seewraj also shared some of the projects from India that are coming up with innovative ideas and becoming the pillar for sustainable economic development. 
“The innovative ideas that give solutions to the problems are what an entrepreneur should aim for, as communicated by Mr. Seewraj,” the Consulate of the Republic of Mauritius.
Prittle Prattle News has captured each moment of such a fantastic event covering information from all the sectors of businessess.

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