SecureKloud to tap into the growing Indian cloud market through platform-based products

SecureKloud to tap into the growing Indian cloud market through platform-based products
SecureKloud to tap into the growing Indian cloud market through platform-based products

Plans to launch four cloud-based platform solutions in the next two months

Chennai, May 10th, 2022: SecureKloud Technologies Ltd., a cloud-native company guiding large organizations in cloud transformation across multiple industry verticals, today announced a major rejig in the business strategy and senior management to tap into the growing cloud market in India by offering platform-based products, along with the current service-based offerings.

In a game-changing five-pillar strategy, the company will roll out platform-based products that will cut down the cloud adoption costs by 80% and save time by 70%. The company is looking to garner a major chunk of the Indian public cloud market, expected to be worth USD 10.8 billion by 2025, through this disruptive strategy that will be code-based instead of people-driven. The five pillars will be cloud, data, neutral zone, cloud transformation, and blockchain.

Under the rising Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IAAC) model, the cloud leader will launch four platforms in the next two months – CloudEdge, DataEdge, Blockedge, and Neutral Zone— which will help small, medium, and large enterprises migrate to the public cloud seamlessly, safely, and faster at very low costs and without investing in the additional workforce.

In line with growth ambitions and to drive the new business model in India and other emerging markets, the company has appointed Mr. Anand Kumar as the Chief Revenue Officer, attested by his successful track record of driving high growth in diverse contexts, managing complex transformations and building high-performance teams in the US region.

“This transformation from service-based to platform-based model is the best answer to the rising market demands, especially during and after the pandemic. Our model has been built on our enormous expertise and vast global experience in working with multinational companies in developed markets. The best part is that any interested organization can migrate to the cloud with comparatively low investment. We are confident of getting faster transformation results, serving our clients better, and delivering on the sustained and growing demand for safe and secure digitally transformed environments,” said Suresh Venkatachari, Chairman and CEO of SecureKloud Technologies.

According to MarketsandMarkets, PaaS (Platform as a Service) market size is expected to grow from an estimated $56.2 billion in 2020 to $164.3 billion by 2026, paving the way for platform-based solutions to grow through its maturity cycles to establish standards and practices. SecureKloud’s latest innovative cloud-based platforms are developed to transform the way businesses operate, enabling companies to access cloud, data, and blockchain solutions from anywhere in the world at any time through Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model. The company hopes to register up to 200% growth in customer acquisitions on a quarterly basis.
“We are bringing this new concept for the first time to India. Our platforms are built to the industry requirements, keeping security and compliance at the pinnacle. These platforms are fully automated, API driven, and are Microservices based to help our customers to focus on their applications and provide us with the responsibility to manage their infrastructure. This will help them reduce 70% of the time limit and save 80% of their costs. Moreover, our enterprise-class platforms are time-tested and designed to drive success in the digital transformation journey of businesses of all sizes and structures,” added Anand Kumar, Chief Revenue Officer at SecureKloud Technologies.
CloudEdge, the cloud platform will help organizations migrate to cloud space and maintain it at extremely low investment through subscription or freemium options. The data platform, DataEdge will be dedicated to analytics and visualization, while the neutral zone platform enables collaboration between entities without causing IP leaks. Under the cloud transformation, the company will offer accelerators that will be non-people centric, but code-driven. Similarly, it will launch Blockedge, a platform for enterprises to adopt blockchain technology.
About SecureKloud Technologies Ltd.: SecureKloud is a leading Global IT Business transformation, Secure Cloud Operations and Solutions Provider based in the San Francisco Bay area and a publicly listed company on the Indian Stock Exchanges (NSE and BSE). The company is a 3rd party Audited Next-Gen AWS MSP Partner, AWS Premier Partner, GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Premier Partner, and an ISO 27001 certified cloud service provider.
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