Sandata Secures Position as National Leader for EVV

Market share, follow through, and CMS certification outpace the national competition.

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., Sandata is the industry leader in Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). Since the Cures Act was introduced in 2016, Sandata has developed the most state partnerships, created incredibly efficient implementation programs, and effectively secured the most Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) certifications for its customers.

Sandata is the only choice in the realm of EVV for less risk, a faster timeline, and CMS certification confidence.

Now, with a remarkable 21 state EVV customers across the country, Sandata has been able to demonstrate through its market expertise, robust technology, and client-centric approach a level of trust that can’t be matched. No two states are alike, thus requiring established best practices to take into consideration the nuances of each partner and trust that above all they will ensure compliance.

With each state program launch, Sandata continually refines its practices and has successfully taken multiple large, complex programs live within three months.

In comparison, other vendors can take over a year. Others can begin launching the program and are exposed to fatal flaws, bringing everything to a halt.

It takes a dedicated team with deep knowledge, strategic thinking, proven methodology, and an impeccable ability to execute; this experience proves to be a transformative one for our customers.

Following each successful program launch is the process of seeking CMS certification, which requires a presentation on:

The state EVV program, including the EVV module used and whyThe state EVV implementation project and timeline of activities

The outreach and training activities. The EVV system overview and interactions with stakeholders and the MMIS. How visit to claims matching occurs. KPI data and related information in detail

The presentation concludes with an EVV system demonstration in the production system, which shows evidence of visit submission and an MMIS demonstration of claims matching to visits.

Timely implementations and certification are not merely something to take pride in. They are the key to unlocking enhanced federal funding for the state and reducing fraud; both of which are sources of funding that if left off-limits due to not reaching certification can be detrimental to a state budget.

Thanks to the expertise and effort put into building a quality framework for a state EVV program it is a straightforward effort to verify all CMS requirements are met.
Sandata leads the nation in the number of states it has supported in reaching full CMS certification by far.
At the time of this publication, ten Sandata state customers are fully CMS certified; with three more having completed the process and pending final approval from CMS.
Five additional states are in the process of seeking certification. No one else in the industry can claim such an impact on the national market.

“With each state we’re able to take across the finish line with CMS certification we’re transforming healthcare, We are transforming it on their state administrative level. We are transforming it for the provider agencies and caregivers that use the state-provided EVV solution. We are in this together to keep individuals getting the care they need in the environment of their preference, and we are incredibly proud to be leading the nation in how to get it done.”

said Emmet O’Gara, Chief Executive Officer at Sandata.
About Sandata
Sandata Technologies, LLC, is transforming healthcare with the most trusted technology and unmatched experience.
From EVV-compliant agency management solutions supporting over 15,000 agencies to robust payer programs built for 21 states and 50+ managed care organizations, Sandata is the leading U.S. provider of technology and industry expertise to optimize collaboration between payers and providers in delivering care.
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