Richmond Villas, Suncity, Hyderabad auctions Ganesh Laddu for 60.80 lakh this year

Richmond Villas, Suncity, Hyderabad has today auctioned this year’s Ganesh Laddu for 60.80 lakh. This is an Annual Fund Raiser activity through Ganapati Laddu Auction by RV Diya Charitable Trust.

RV Diya Charitable Trust is a unique residential community-led Charity Group, which has been the leader in crowdsourcing funds to support leading NGOs in their day-to-day operations, through an Annual Ganapati Laddu Auction Fund Raiser event.

The initial volunteers of the trust comprised neighbors from Richmond Villas Community, comprising senior super-specialist doctors, serial entrepreneurs, professionals, businessmen, agriculturalists, social activists and senior citizens from across the country.

Over the years, individual donors from outside the community have also participated in fundraising.

Any donor can participate as a volunteer for the trust and can support the myriad operating activities of the trust.

Dr. Archana Sinha and Ms. Poornima Deshpande are the two Managing Trustees of the Trust.

This article was shared with Prittle Prattle News as a Press Release.

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