Question Bank Management System A Remarkable Solution By Learning Spiral

The Question Bank Management system is a remarkable solution for educational institutes and recruitment boards. It’s one of the vital processes for online examination. Under the University Examination System, one of the most important tasks is the Question Bank Management System. Question bank Management System framework assists with making an enormous number of questions that are kept in an online mode.

It helps universities & recruitment boards to remove all the manual processes & improves the performance of questions and assessments. The question bank management supports the management of all types of questions like objective, subjective, image, video, paragraph-based questions, etc. It helps the users to understand, manage, store and search the question items for different examinations or assessments. These things are managed according to needs as all the items are organized systematically. Our Question bank management system includes various important features such as Question creation, Secured question bank management, on-screen marking, question paper distribution etc.

The Question Bank Management System framework provided by Learning Spiral incorporates different significant highlights, for example, Question creation, Secured question bank management, on-screen checking, question paper dispersion, and so on.

Setting up a question paper is exceptionally chaotic work. Additionally, the question bank provided by Learning Spiral, the executive framework permits altering questions from simple to difficult as indicated by weightage and subject matter. This element assists with coordinating questions in a specific way founded on the classifications of the inquiries. In this way, they have planned a question bank framework to make things simpler; test paper generator programming, the high-level question bank that empowers to improve the quality of assessments and questions.
Also, they have developed this question bank framework to beat the issues looked by colleges, enrollment sheets, and different appraisal bodies. Particularly for establishments that lead tests consistently, that is day to day, week by week, or month to month premise.

The Question Bank Management System framework provided by Learning Spiral is comprised of 3 roles :

Admin: Admin is one of the most important jobs that define architecture/ design. This job incorporates every one of the imperative errands under fundamental settings like Paper generation, Report checking, User management, Subject creation, and so on.

Question Author: The question author role is also an important task that includes two different roles i.e. Paper creation and Question entry.

Moderator: The role of a moderator is very important; they help to moderate and verify the questions entered by the author. The moderator helps in checking and reviewing questions to ensure the quality of the questions.

The Question Bank management System provided by Learning Spiral includes more than 3 lacs questions covering various courses and examinations like Medical (PG) (NEET, JEE) (Veterinary, Pharmacy) Commerce (MBA, CAT, MAT) Engineering (State Entrance, GAT, etc.) NIFT, Education (B.Ed Entrance) Management Science (IIT JAM, NEST, State University Entrance), Law, Recruitment Exam (UPSC, SSC, Banking, State PSC, etc.)

About Learning Spiral

Learning Spiral is a leading online examination solution provider for online assessments, and exams for universities. It focuses on leveraging information technology and AI to deliver solutions and services to educational institutes, universities, schools, colleges, recruitment bodies, and assessment bodies. Our product UCanAssess, an online examination system integrated with online proctoring, helps in conducting various semester exams & entrance exams in a fair manner. Our product UCanApply, an online admission system helps in managing online admissions for Central and State Universities. Also, our University management system & University examination system empowers Universities to conduct credible online exams globally.
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