Quack, Quack! Something new is waddling to a tub near you: introducing dabble ducky

Dabble & Dollop™, creators of natural, USA-made children’s bath & body products, announce the launch of their new Dabble Ducky™ line of infant & baby products.

Designed for infant skin, eczema-prone skin, and dry or irritated skin, Dabble Ducky’s Infant Wash, Infant Balm, and Infant Face & Neck Wipes are fragrance-free, essential-oil free, and feature the company’s proprietary Beta-Baby™ beta-glucan ingredient.

Beta Baby nourishes the stratum corneum (the outer-most layer of skin), helps reduce redness, irritation, and assists in soothing even the most sensitive skin types.

Created by Dabble & Dollop founder, Stephanie Leshney, a 20+ year veteran of the cosmetic and personal care ingredients space, Dabble Ducky products feature 10 or fewer ingredients and, in addition to being vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free, underwent rigorous testing with third-party laboratories to ensure they are Certified Tear-Free, ultra-mild, and infant safe.

The product line’s austere formulations highlight the company’s “Less is More” ethos.

“Having sold ingredients for over two decades, I know all too well that most brands load up their products with unnecessary fillers designed to appease marketers, not improve efficacy, Our focus was to support the delicate infant skin barrier while using a minimal number of components. We omitted fragrance, essential oils, and any other ingredient that did not directly improve our product’s function or safety,”

stated Ms. Leshney.

Dabble Ducky’s key innovation is the use of its Beta-Baby beta-glucan ingredient. Beta-glucan is clinically proven to help soothe and protect skin – and infant skin can be 20% – 30% thinner than child or adult skin.

Beta Baby boosts short and long-term hydration and helps maintain the integrity of this critical skin barrier.

The Dabble Ducky Essentials Kit includes an 8 oz. Infant Wash, a 5 oz. Infant Balm, a 30-count pack of Infant Face & Neck Wipes, and a custom ducky teether/bath toy created in partnership with the only USA-based manufacturer of bath duckies.

The giftable set comes in a reusable vinyl bag featuring the Dabble Ducky logo as the zipper pull and retails for $84. Products are also sold separately.

About Dabble & Dollop

Dabble & Dollop was founded in late 2019 by Stephanie Leshney, a 20+ year personal care ingredient expert and mother of three.

Frustrated by children’s bath companies using long lists of unnecessary ingredients in their formulas, she created Dabble & Dollop and its “Less is More” philosophy.
Dabble & Dollop hair, bath & hand washes feature 10 or fewer ingredients and feature the company’s SmartScent™ ingredient.
SmartScent allows children, even with sensitive skin, to experience the fun of great smelling scents while encouraging them to safely mix and create their own custom concoctions.
All Dabble & Dollop ingredients and packaging are sustainably sourced from top USA-based suppliers and the products are manufactured in California, USA.
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