POP MART × UNIQLO’s co-branded UT collection launches, highlighting the value of IP in art toys

POP MART and UNIQLO announced the launch of the first POP MART UT collection – WE ARE THE MONSTERS. The collection combines the classic UNIQLO T-shirt and images of “THE MONSTERS”, one of POP MART’s most popular IP characters designed by artist Kasing Lung.

The POP MART UT collection marks UNIQLO’s first time teaming up with a Chinese art toy brand, bringing the joy of art toy figurines to global consumers.

POP MART UT collection comes in various colors for both adults and children. The latest collection will be available in the United States, Canada, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, and China.

UNIQLO has launched multiple brand collaborations with major pop culture and art icons worldwide, including famous artists and internationally UNIQLO’s renowned IPs, such as Murakami, KAWS, and Marvel.

The launch of “WE ARE THE MONSTERS” UT collection is the first creative co-branding between UNIQLO and China’s art toy brand, reflecting the increasing reach of China’s art toy culture among international brands.

“POP MART’s licensing business continues to upgrade, making breakthroughs from FMCG, food, beauty and other industries to fields like 3C, clothing, hotels, virtual products, and so on. Through in-depth customized cooperation with top brands, we will continue to promote IP innovation, enhance the commercial value of IP, integrate art toy culture IP into more scenes, and create a more mature and refined business framework.”

Jianpeng Yang, licensing director of POP MART, said,

In recent years, as an emerging art toy and entertainment company UNIQLO’s , the commercial value of IP under POP MART has gradually increased.

In addition UNIQLO’s , to THE MONSTERS, various POP MART IP figures, such as MOLLY, PUCKY, DIMOO, SKULLPANDA, SWEET BEAN and BUNNY, have also collaborated with international brands to reach more users beyond the art toy community.

POP MART has carried out cross-border collaborations with many well-known brands, such as Lays, Haagen Dazs, vivo, Paris L’Oreal, and Kiehl’s, covering tier-one brands in FMCG, beauty, daily use and other fields.

The recently launched Lays x SWEET BEAN series created a significant buzz among consumers.

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