Peter Bellone’s newly released “A Layman’s Challenge to Galatians”

“A Layman’s Challenge to Galatians” is an articulate discussion regarding the book of Galatians.

“A Layman’s Challenge to Galatians” is the creation of published author Peter Bellone, a twenty-one-year veteran of both the US Marine Corp and the US Air Force, with two tours in Vietnam.

Peter Bellone’s served as a B-52 gunner and has 120 combat hours in Vietnam.

“A Layman’s Challenge to Galatians” from Christian Faith Publishing author Peter Bellone is a theological challenge to the mainstream Christian argument that the apostle.

Paul took Christian converts away from the odious law of Moses into another milieu called Christianity and toward obeying the so-called law of Christ.

Bellone shares, “What is the overriding issue within the book of Galatians? It appears that there are three issues going on during this time of Paul being in Galatia.

“This religion of the Jews has been poorly interpreted as Judaism, and today, Judaism has further been defined to also include those nonmainstream Christians who keep the seventh day Sabbath, and God’s seven annual feast days/Sabbaths!

Peter Bellone’s, So, what is the argument that we see coming out of mainstream Christian teaching in regard to the book of Galatians?

It is this: That Paul took all Christian gentile converts and removed them from the odious Law of Moses and in doing so removed all Christians from the law and, in turn, turning Christianity into a religion of lawless peoples!

Mainstream Christians, religious, and scholars have even gone so far as to have done away with the seventh day Sabbath, as well as the seven annual feasts/sabbaths, proclaiming these days as ceremonial.

Having no Godly authority to do so while bringing into Christian doctrine two days of ceremony called Palm and Easter Sundays! Neither of these days has any meaning to God; otherwise, he would have included them in his pantheon of days of importance (feasts).
Peter Bellone’s, Nowhere in all the sixty-six books of the bible do we read of God the Father, nor God, the Word of God (who became Jesus and then took up his former position upon his return to his father), doing away with the Sabbath)s)!
Peter Bellone’s, Therefore, mainstream Christianity while they might pontificate about what Jesus might have said or what he might have meant, they are in violation of the very scriptures that they claim to be an authority of.
This is because Paul never did what mainstream Christianity is accusing him of, which is taking Christians away from the law.
Peter Bellone’s, Circumcision was only for Abraham and all his seed, from the time of the covenant even until today. However, no one born outside of the house of Abraham was required to get circumcised.
All Israel saw the Abrahamic Covenant as law; however, they also knew that this covenant of circumcision did not fall under the Mosaic Law.
The only reference to circumcision by Moses was making sure that all outside of Israel who participated in the first Passover, were circumcised according to God’s ordinance for the Passover.
A secondary issue was that there were those Christian-Jews that believed if a gentile converted from paganism to a Jewish Messiah, then that gentile had to immerse themselves into the religion of the Jews, which required circumcision which when accomplished made a Gentile into a Jew!
Therefore, Paul takes a stand against these people who are corrupting the Galatian church which angered Paul so much so that he says in Gal 5:12 ‘I could wish that those who trouble you would even cut themselves off!’

“Paul is not guilty of anything more than keeping his charges from getting circumcise while showing them that the laws of God, are to be obeyed as it is what is necessary for salvation! The problem with mainstream understanding of Galatians is they believe it is a Pauline diatribe against the law of Moses when it is in fact a diatribe against circumcising someone who is not of the lineage of Abraham, and therefore Paul is strictly obeying the law, not breaking, or reversing it!”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Peter Bellone’s new book is an engaging challenge to students of the Bible.
Bellone offers a compelling discussion in hopes of furthering the understanding of key points of scripture.
Consumers can purchase “A Layman’s Challenge to Galatians” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.
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